Something that I get asked about often from both students and followers is what's the best way to get your body birth ready.

So today, I'm sharing ten tips to help your baby engage, thin your cervix, and help you start dilating. I'll walk you through each one of my favorite ways to prep your body for birth, give you information on why it works, and how to do it properly.

We'll go over:

👉🏼 Raspberry Leaf Tea

👉🏼 Dates

👉🏼 Evening Primrose Oil

👉🏼 Smart Diet and Hydration

👉🏼 Forward Leaning Inversion

👉🏼 Curb Walking & Stair Climbing

👉🏼 Deep Squats

👉🏼 Nipple Stim

👉🏼 Sex with Orgasm and Semen


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