Labor Nurse Mama Podcast

Join me as I chat with Christine Brown who is a Mom to twin boys who she jokes tried to kill her from sleep deprivation when they were 6 months old! This experience ignited an obsession with sleep and a passion for helping families. Christine became a certified child sleep consultant in early 2016 and […]
Join me as I step into a world where the rhythmic pulses of dance merge seamlessly with the powerful moments of childbirth. Kemeera Nimahat, a celebrated birth and postpartum doula based in Chicago, has revolutionized the birthing experience with her unique approach that intertwines traditional doula support with pre and postnatal dance instruction. In this […]
These are my insider secrets to naturally inducing labor. Are you ready to meet the baby or just tired of being pregnant? Listen in as I chat about effective and natural methods to induce labor that worked for me at 39-40 weeks pregnant. As a labor nurse and childbirth educator I have also successfully guided […]
Today's topic is one that many of us do not want to chat about but, it is so relevant as you begin your mothering journey. The things that cause the Mother Wound can be different for each person. Do not compare yourself to someone else who may have had it “worse”. Comparison will not help […]

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