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Online birth classes for every mama.

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Learn what to actually expect during childbirth.

No matter what you choose, I'm here to empower you and prepare you for the most important day of your life. Whether you're hoping to have an unmedicated or medicated birth, VBAC, or c-section, Labor Nurse Mama Birth Classes are for you.

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Hey, I'm Trish, labor nurse and virtual doula.

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Hi, labor nurse mama

Meet your new birth coach.

I've been a high-risk labor and delivery nurse for over 15 years, and I've helped thousands of babies come into this beautiful world. Let me teach you my secrets for a safer, more comfortable birth experience...and cheer you on as you write the birth story you've been dreaming about.

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My husband and I do definitely credit your course with educating us about all of our options, what to expect, etc. and it helped create that positive experience for us both.

It was honestly the most incredible experience! I am so happy that I will forever be able to look back on that time fondly!

I hope every expecting mama/couple takes your course so they can love their labor as well!!

profile image katie
- Katie

I felt so educated and informed throughout the entire experience!

I couldn’t have asked for a better experience especially as a first time mom.

Thank you for offering your course and empowering all of us mamas to be out there!

profile image elyssa
- Elyssa

This group, board, and guidance have been absolutely invaluable.

I was extremely comfortable asking questions, making decisions and even though nothing went according to my "plan", I couldn't be any happier with the way everything went!!!

profile image stacy a
- Stacy A

Overall, I was very blessed with an easy pregnancy and delivery.

I am so grateful for the information I was able to take with me from this course.

Even though my birth plan changed in the end, I still ended up with a labor and delivery that I am super proud of and that made me feel empowered.

profile image allison
- Allison

"Thank you for preparing me for everything from the first contractions to asking for delayed cord clamping. You seriously helped me more than you know! "

profile image heidi
- Heidi

I cannot think of one thing I was surprised about/ contradicted the course material!

I took what the course said to heart.

I can’t thank you enough.

profile image allison w
- Allison W

Because of the education I received, I knew to weigh the risks and benefits and make an informed decision based on my current situation.

Even though things went a little differently than I expected, I felt very empowered and I’m proud of my birth story.

profile image cassidy l
- Cassidy L