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I've been a high-risk labor and delivery nurse for over 16 years, and I've helped thousands of babies come into this beautiful world. Let me teach you my secrets for a safer, more comfortable birth experience…and cheer you on as you write the birth story you've been dreaming about.




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I did it! I achieved a VBAC!

Yes, it may not have been the birth plan I had written out. But, every decision was made by me. I was empowered. I was educated. And for me, the epidural was better than letting the back labor pain continue. I could rest. I could focus. I could think more clearly.

My husband was educated. My husband advocated for me. My husband stayed flexible.

Allyson The VBAC lab birth class Labor Nurse mama

Without this course, I would have experienced another birth with trauma and PTSD because choices were being made for me, and I wasn’t in charge of my birth.

Because of Calm Labor Confident Birth Class, I had the unmedicated birth I have literally been dreaming of. I was in total control of my choices and felt educated enough to know I was making the right decisions.

I’m extremely thankful for this course and the impact of Trish on my second birth. If you’re new here, you made a great choice by joining this course!!

calm labor confident birth class labor nurse mama online birth class

My natural labor went so fast and so smoothly, and I had Trish's words in my head. “Just breathe; you can do anything for one minute; your body was built to birth your baby,.”

I couldn't have done my natural labor without Calm labor confident birth class so I am just sooooooo happy I educated myself as I was much better equipped to handle it when my plan suddenly changed.

HUGE thanks to Trish and Taylor for the Labor Bat signal and the private DMS as they taught me to advocate for myself and state what I wanted (like don't break my water unless favorable and ripe…etc) .

calm labor confident birth class labor nurse mama online birth class

Overall, my experience was amazing. I’m so grateful for all the knowledge and tools Calm Labor Confident Birth Class gave me to be confident and capable in every decision I made.

And to make it to 7cms before getting an epidural. The environment was calm and relaxed and soo enjoyable… thinking about it still gives me such a high. Without this birth course, I could not have done it and I felt so good about every decision!

calm labor confident birth class labor nurse mama online birth class

Even though it was our 4th birth/child, a great deal has changed since my last was born 9 years ago.

Calm Labor Confident Birth Class led me in the right direction, to research so we didn't have to make decisions nervous and uniformed on the fly.

calm labor confident birth class labor nurse mama online birth class

I want to thank you all, and especially Trish Ware, for Calm Labor Confident Birth Class!

There were 3 times that my epidural wore off in certain spots, but I used everything she taught me to keep calm, breathe, and stay relaxed.

I knew what the nurses were talking about and understood everything that was happening. Overall, I am so happy with how things went, and I know it’s because I was confident and calm!

calm labor confident birth class labor nurse mama online birth class

I'm grateful to be another one of your VBAC SUCCESS STORIES!

I desperately wanted my final baby to be a VBAC and directly through your lessons, emphasis on self advocacy and your introducing me to powerful positions I was able to meet that goal”

The VBAC lab birth class labor nurse mama online birth class

I felt so in control and educated throughout all the unexpected decisions I had to make for myself and my VBAC baby.

I love that Trish encourages hiring a doula because she was my absolute rock starting from early labor— I wouldn’t have thought to hire one without the VBAC LAB Birth class.

The VBAC lab birth class labor nurse mama online birth class

Being armed with the knowledge Trish provided gave me some control over the situation, and was able to own every decision along the way.

I want to say thank you for helping me achieve my empowered birth. I got my dream birth, and I plan on doing this with my future births and pregnancies!!

Thank you to Trish and the team doulas, and the rest of the team for all the information you arm us with and the support! ❤️

birth class labor nurse mama online birth class

I started to get super stressed about labor, but my husband (who took LNM birth class with me) was so supportive and kept telling me that everything was going to go smoothly and boy did it!

I pushed 3 times and he was born at 9:21pm! So from the time my water broke to when he was born was a total of 1 hour and 50 minutes.

birth class labor nurse mama online birth class

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