20 Wonderfully Handsome Baby Boy Names with Vintage Nicknames

September 12, 2019
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1 | PhineasCharlotte

Finn is the cutest vintage nickname for your handsome son.

2 | Bennett

Ben was a popular nickname back in the day making this a great choice on our vintage nicknames list.

3 | Christopher

Topher is a short version of this very popular baby boy name.

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4 | Edwin

Win is a short version and not so common, of this vintage nickname for boys.

baby boy and moms hand- vintage-nicknames

5 | Lewis

Lou is the adorable nickname of my daughter Lani but I love it for a boy nickname as well!

6 | Theodore

Theo an adorable vintage nickname that your family and friends will love.

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7 | Henry

Hank, I love this nickname so much. So 50's!

8 | Richard

No, I am not giving you the nickname for this one. This was a test to see if you are actually still tracking with me.

baby boy and moms hand- vintage-nicknames

9 | Albert

Bert or Bertie on the girl's version of vintage nicknames, may not be my favorite on this list but to each his own.

10 | Elias

Eli was very popular back in the day.

11 | Alexander

Zander is one of my favorites on this list of vintage nicknames for boys.

12 | William

Liam is another one of my favs. You get both traditional and cutting edge.


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13 | Wilson

WIllie or Will is a shortened version of this classic name.

14 | Fredrick

Freddie is a choice for your baby boy. It means peace.

15 | Bernard

Bernie is a cute nickname from another era.

16 | Clifford

Cliff was one of the guys we grew up with and it was very uncommon then.


17 |Franklin

Frankie is a vintage nickname for a boy and can also be used for your little girl.

18 | Arnold

Arnie is an adorable nickname to use for the less popular name Arnold.

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19 | Wallace

Wally can be used for the longer name Wallace.

20 | Mickey

Mick is an usual old-tyle name for your little man.

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