Extremely Unique Baby Boy Names that Begin with The Letter A

February 22, 2019

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Extremely Unique Baby Boy Names that Begin with The Letter A




Spanish name Alejandro means defends mankind.


Aiden is an Irish name meaning fiery one


A Hebrew name, Asher means blessed.

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This unisex name is Latin.


An Anglo Saxon name that means ‘one who excels.’

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In Arabic, it means prince commanding and in Hebrew means strong powerful.


A Greek name Adonis means extremely handsome.


The French name Andre means manly and brave.


One of our favorite very unique baby boy names that begin with A, Ari means Lion.


A father of peace, Axel is of Danish origins.

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A Hebrew name, Amos, means burden carried.


Archer, meaning Bowman, is of English origins.


The name Alden, from an Anglo Saxon origin, means old friend. I love that meaning!


An Italian name, pronounced AN-twahn, means priceless one.


Adriel is a Hebrew name meaning Of the Flock of God.

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A very unique baby boy name that begins with a and is on the rise on the popularity charts. This Spanish name means Barberry tree.


A gorgeous Spanish name, Alessandro, makes our list and means defender of men.


A Greek name meaning manly beauty. Apollo is also the name of the Greek God of medicine.


We all know Abe is honest, and it comes from the Hebrew name Abraham. Abe means father of multitudes.


Abel is a Hebrew name and means son or breath.

Extremely Unique Baby Boy Names that Begin with The Letter A


A Hebrew name, Abner, means my father is Light.


Absalom is a Hebrew name which means father of peace.


A strong baby boy name, Adair, is a Celtic name meaning from the oak tree Ford.


Addison is unique in that it used to be a popular boy name, but it is no longer so.


An English surname


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Italian baby boy name, Alonzo means


An increasingly popular but still very unique baby boy name that begins with A. Alaric is a German name which means Noble leader.


The name Ayan is a female Somali name, which has been rising in popularity in the US for unique baby boy names that begin with the letter A.


A Hebrew name meaning physician. Asa is also a Nigerian name with the meaning "Beautiful” or Japanese name meaning "morning," and in Indonesian, it means "Hope."


Another very unique baby boy name that begins with the letter A that is climbing the charts. Alfonso is a Spanish name meaning Noble!

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Avery means wise counsel.


A gold coin of ancient Rome.


Atticus means man of Attica.


Atlas is a book of maps.


A greek name, Apollo means destroy.


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Armani is a Hebrew name meaning 'Castle.'


A name variation of Elijah, meaning "Yahweh is God."


Adrien is a latin name menaing 'sea' or 'water.'


A surname meaning "son of Anders/Andrew.'


Aaron is a Hebrew name meaning lofty, exalted.

ng strong, powerful, beautiful!


The French name Aleena means Noble.


In Irish, the meaning of the name Aislinn is a dream or vision!

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