Unique & Hip Bohemian Baby Boy Names for the Boho Mom

January 25, 2019

If you are a Boho Momma and you are looking for a creative name for your Baby Boy. We got ya covered! Check this list out now! Be sure to comment! Follow my blog with Bloglovin

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Hey mama, I am Trish— AKA Labor Nurse Mama. I am a labor and delivery nurse with over 15 years of high-risk OB experience. I am also a mama to 7 kids and have given birth to 6. This means I am quite familiar with the postpartum period and how to navigate it. I am the online birth class educator for Calm Labor Confident Birth and The VBAC Lab birth classes and the mama expert inside our Calm Mama Society, a pregnancy & postpartum membership community! I am passionate about your birth and motherhood journey! You can find me over on IG teaching over 230k mamas daily. I am passionate about your birth and motherhood journey!

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Most of us haven't known many people named Ocean. The only person I could think of was Billy Ocean. I guess that makes this the perfect Bohemian baby boy name!


This name is the perfect boho baby boy Name, Seriously think Koa Smith the young and famous surfer.


Any Vampire Diaries fans out there in Internet land. This is a boss baby boy name.


Boho or hippy you choose. Arrow is a name evoking strong feelings. Think about it, Arrows are meant to find their target.


Atticus Finch was a name everyone in high school surely knew. He was a character in ‘To Kill A Mockingbird'. But how about a messy hair, free spirit baby boy?


This my little grandson's name and my daughter in law, Anna is the true meaning of Bohemian. Check out her profile on our About us page and see what I mean


Bodhi is the character played by Patrick Swayze in ‘Point Break'. If you are too young to have seen it, GO WATCH IT. Such a classic. Again, a bohemian baby boy name with a surfer ring to it.


I begged for this name when I was pregnant with Greyson. Obviously, I didn't succeed. Anyone looking for a little boho boy named Cash?


Or maybe, keep it Cassius and shorten it to Cash. Try a bold bohemian baby boy name like Cassius with a more traditional name like Andrew. Cassius Andrew.


Victoria and David Beckham named their third son, the sweet boho baby boy name, Cruz!


My daughter had me throw this one in here. Anyone know why? Comment if you do and I will send you a bonus freebie download. Hint she is thirteen.


The father of many. I'm sure Abe Lincoln comes to mind!


This is a Hebrew named, meaning ‘My Father is Light'.


I can picture a barefoot little guy named Adair. Can you?


Does anyone remember Adrian Grenier from Entourage?


Attractive; handsome; This boho baby boy name is pretty popular but spelled with an I after the A. Aiden.


A very English name that would fit as a Bohemian Baby boy name perfectly.


*This is a test to see if you are reading what I am writing. Ok, this is not on my list and I do not endorse this name for a bohemian baby boy name.


For Christians, this name has a deep meaning. But one person does not make a name. Cain is a perfect boho baby boy name.


You could also spell this Callum. This name means ‘Dove'.


What do you think of the name Cluny as a bohemian baby boy name?


This name was super popular in the 1800s and began to rise again in the 2000s, with a dramatic jump in 2015.


The Greek god of love would be a perfect boho baby boy name.


This name means ‘Little Ardent one'.


This little name is short from Augustus and means ‘worthy of respect'. I love little boy's named Gus.


Irish name meaning ‘holy' would be a perfect bohemian baby boy name. Think Nevin Alexander or Nevin Charles. Love this name.

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Just a little Disclaimer: As always, I am just writing my thoughts and what I’ve learned along the way. Although I am in fact a labor and delivery RN, This is not medical advice. You should always seek and follow the advice of your care provider.

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