Trendy Yet Unique Twin Baby Girl Names That Make Your Heart Skip a Beat

Trish ~ Labor Nurse Mama
April 17, 2019
Twin baby girl names are quite the challenge. Let's see, are you guys the type of moms who want matchy-matchy? Better yet, are you a bold millennial mom who wants unique twin baby girl names that flow but don't sound outdated. We put together a list of trendy yet unique twin baby girl names that are better suited for a set of parents who want to be out of the norm and a bunch that will also work for the matchy minded momma. Please comment with a story of how you found out you were having twins! One of my favorite stories came from a couple whose twins I delivered.  They were older parents (like me, read my story here) Their youngest child was in college. She had an IUD, so they were shocked when they found out they were pregnant. The dr scheduled an ultrasound to locate the IUD to decide if it needed to be removed. During the ultrasound, the tech gasped and looked over at the couple. They asked her if she found the IUD, and she said, ” Well, I found something, but it's not an IUD!!” She found a second baby!! It was quite shocking! We had a grand celebration during the birth of those sweet baby twins!

Why I am here and who I am:

Hey mama, I am Trish— AKA Labor Nurse Mama. I am a labor and delivery nurse with over 15 years of high-risk OB experience. I am also a mama to 7 kids and have given birth to 6. This means I am quite familiar with the postpartum period and how to navigate it. I am the online birth class educator for Calm Labor Confident Birth and The VBAC Lab birth classes and the mama expert inside our Calm Mama Society a pregnancy & postpartum membership community! I am passionate about your birth and motherhood journey! You can find me over on IG teaching over 230k mamas daily. I am passionate about your birth and motherhood journey! We make a small commission from some of the links (you dont pay any more for using our links); however some of the recommendations, we do not earn anything; we just love em and want you to know about them. Click here for our full disclosure. Thank you!

Unique Twin Baby Girl Names

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Abigail & Emma

Abigail & Anna

Emma & Elle

Isabella & Grace

Isabella & Isla

Isla & Elle

Grace & Gabriella

Ava & Gemma

Ava & Astrid

Gemma & Gia

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Olivia & Evelyn

Olivia & Ophelia

Addison & Aria

Amelia & Chloe

Chloe & Cadence

Nell & Ivy

Ivy & Iris

Nell & Nora

Emmy & Rose

Emmy & Eleanor

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Rose & Magnolia

Luna & Lani

Luna & Celeste

Lani & Zola

Mia & Maeve

Lola & Grace

Lola & Lyla

Zara & Zoe

Zara & Noe

Lucy & Lilah

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Harper & Grace

Harper & Hailey

Pippa & Fiona   (This is my favorite combination of our list of unique twin baby girl names!)

Pippa & Presley

Fiona & Fay

Camille & Clara

Camille & Stella

Clara & Lenox

Lucy & Lenox

Stella & Sadie

Cadence & Selah

Cadence & Cora

Selah & Stella

Willow & Ivy

Willow & Wyona

Violet & Iris

Violet & Veronica

Freya & Stella

Freya & Fae

Scarlette & Jade

Scarlette & Sadie

Jade & Josie

Dylan & Frankie

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