Tips for Disney with Babies!

October 15, 2018

Tips for Disney with Babies:

Are you heading into the parks with a baby or toddler? We this is your master list of supplies. Girl, if you have your stuff together, surviving a day at Disney World is so manageable. I consider myself adept in this matter since my first visit to the Magic Kingdom was at age one and continued with a two week stay every summer of my childhood. Disney is my first love, sorry Mike, but it is true.


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My tips for Disney with babies comes from years of experience and maybe a few mishaps along the way. One of the biggest blunders you can make at Disney with a baby is being unprepared.

  • Find the Babycare Center

Tips for DIsney with babies BAbycare center habibi house

Each park has a Babycare center that is dedicated to families with young children. They include a greeting area with a cast member and a small supply store. A family oriented bathroom (think small toilets for toddlers). A nursing room. A family room with comfortable chairs (sometimes rockers) and Disney movies. A changing table room for changing diapers with ease.

Here is your list of supplies to take with you. (From this post!)

  • A small cooler

A small cooler for drinks and snack is a huge tip for Disney with babies: everyone needs to stay hydrated and fed.  Don't let mama bear and her cubs get hangry. Disney allows small soft-sided coolers into the park. Coolers smaller than 24" (61 cm) long x 15" (38 cm) wide x 18" (46 cm) high are permitted. Be prepared when you go through security to take all the bags out of the stroller and open the zippers. The security guys are amiable and will usually greet your baby as well.

  • Water Bottle

Grab a water bottle that stays cool because Florida stays HOT!! Go to any service counter that sells fountain drinks, and they will give you ice water for free. Then you can refill your cup. For a snack buy a souvenir popcorn bucket and get refills for $2. 

  • Baby Carrier

Another one of my favorite tips for Disney with babies is to pack a wrap or carrier. It makes moving around restaurants and rides a breeze. Also, a carrier for breastfeeding at Disney parks is a huge must. This made my tips for Disney with babies list because momma you will be standing in long lines and your arms will get tired. A carrier also makes getting on and off rides extremely easy.

tips for Disney with babies habibi house

  • A Stroller

A stroller that's easy to navigate but large enough to hold the menage of crap you need for a baby is highly valuable at Disney. I recommend a large basket on the bottom capable of carrying everything. I have two strollers. My everyday one and my Disney stroller. I can fit the cooler, extra water bottles, layers for the evening, and more in the basket of my Disney stroller. This is probably one of my essential tips for Disney with babies: PICK A GOOD STROLLER!!!

tips for disney with babies habibi house

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  • A nursing cover

Your cover must be lightweight and breezy for those moments when the baby is screaming, and you can't sit down somewhere private. Like that moment your baby starts crying to nurse while waiting in a long line. However, for those of you who don't care, let those puppies out. But for the more modest momma's who don't want to show their goodies off, go check out our fabulous and versatile (and not suffocating) breastfeeding cover that triples as a stroller cover and ground cover for resting at Disney.

Anna nursing asa breastfeeding at Disney boho nursing cover habibi house

  • A diaper bag

Your diaper bag must be able to hold everyone's supplies! A diaper bag is so important not only at Disney with babies or a toddler, but it is essential every day. I mean who can go to Homegoods without an adequately supplied diaper bag? Not this girl. You?  I  stock it with necessities for the entire family. I place smaller things like baby meds and my migraine meds in a small zippered bag. Diaper changing stuff is in one area, and of course, I have a pad to lay him on.

Make sure to keep your valuable items and wallet in an easy to find a small bag (like a cute wristlet) that you can grab and take onto a ride. I leave my diaper bag with my stroller in the stroller area while riding rides. Anna takes her bag onto rides. I have never done that, and I've never had an issue.  However, I never leave my camera or small bag with my valuables alone in the stroller.

Annas Diaper bag:

tips for disney with babies

tips for disney with babiesMy diaper bag:

tips for disney with babies lily jade habibi house

  Get My bag Here!

tips for disney with babies

  • Stroller Hooks

Stroller hooks are a MUST. I love love love my hooks! I use my hooks to hang my diaper bag and more. I use the hooks pictured below, first off they are gold, and I am obsessed with all things gold. Second, I like that I can slip the bag on and off. I can hang all the Disney goodies and our Disney popcorn buckets that we purchased on my hooks. Everyone then snacks on the popcorn as I rush them to the next ride.

tips for disney with babies

Being prepared for going to Disney with a baby or toddler is such a vital necessity momma.

Tell me what you think about our tips for Disney with babies and let me know yours so I can add them as well!

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