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We have separated them into categories to make it easier for you to move quickly to what you are looking for.

Social Warfare (use the free unless you want to make your links match your website, which Anna and I are all about branding)

Milotree We use this for social awareness and converting blog viewers to social media followers. It is $9 a month or $99 a year. Instagram gets about 700 clicks a week from this plugin, although we aren't extremely active yet on that platform. We have about 30 Pinterest followers added a week from this pop-up. You can brand your pop-up to match your theme. You may have seen ours, slide in from the side.


We use both PicMonkey and Canva. I suggest trying them out (I believe both have a free trial) and deciding for yourself. Some people swear by one and some people swear by the other. I use PicMonkey for their crazy impressive photo editing capabilities and make most Instagram graphics in Canva. I need to learn to use Picmonkey more proficiently as most big bloggers, use it more. Both are key recommendations for bloggers and content creators!

Pinterest tools:

1 Tailwind  Do not consider moving forward without it! More on this later. Seriously, do not waste time. Pinterest can be your biggest traffic source so maximize your time and efforts with HELP from TAILWIND!!! (Sign up for the free account now!) 

2 TastyPins is used to optimize and add a Pinterest Pinning Option to your blog. You can choose whether or not an image is pin-able or not. This is huge as Pinterest will not like you if you have random weird images pinned to Pinterest.

Instagram Tools:

YOU MUST. I mean must check out the course I took in August, which has been pivtoal for the critical skills I have learned to grow my account from 700 followers to over 25k in 7 months. HOLY COLY!!!


We use Planoly to schedule and create our grid for Instagram.

Content Tools you must have:

Do not consider writing content without this grammar checker. It is a must-have. You can add an extension to Chrome or Safari.
Best Plagiarism Checker & Proofreader

Email Marketing:

Absolutely no brainer to be amongst our recommendations for bloggers, use Convertkit, most courses I took recommended Convertkit as the email marketing brand of choice. It has the opt-in forms, landing pages, and many integrations included. Other email companies do not include all you need for success.

Creating Courses:

Teachable is the course creator of choice. It is easy to navigate, creating branded courses and allowing for the collection of payment.

Courses I took that have led to my success:

These are my recommendations for bloggers to have the same success we have found.

The Pinterest Project my Pinterest Game and our Pinterest account have grown to over 3.2 million monthly viewers and over 340k monthly engaged. We have an average of over 6k blog visitors daily coming from Pinterest.

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing

Yes! all I can say is TAKE THIS CLASS! This was the changing point for our blog. We had incredible traffic, but Michelle's class changed it all for us.