6 Things you Must Do While Pregnant to Avoid Disappointment & Regrets

Trish ~ Labor Nurse Mama
April 14, 2019

Pregnancy regrets come in all shapes and sizes. Girl, You may feel like pregnancy will never end, but it will, and I do not want you to look back on this crazy hectic, full of changes experience, and regret anything you may have failed to do.  

Why I am here and who I am:

Hey mama, I am Trish— AKA Labor Nurse Mama. I am a labor and delivery nurse with over 15 years of high-risk OB experience. I am also a mama to 7 kids and have given birth to 6. This means I am quite familiar with the postpartum period and how to navigate it. I am the online birth class educator for Calm Labor Confident Birth and The VBAC Lab birth classes and the mama expert inside our Calm Mama Society a pregnancy & postpartum membership community! I am passionate about your birth and motherhood journey! You can find me over on IG teaching over 230k mamas daily. I am passionate about your birth and motherhood journey!

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Document The Pregnancy 

One thing I repeatedly heard and I felt was the pregnancy regret of not documenting the ins and outs, the special moments, and milestones of pregnancy. Anna (co-owner of Habibi House and My son's wife) said the same thing. She barely took any photos and didn't document much with Asa. 

Take a hint from all these moms, who have gone before you, and document through words and pictures. 

“I wish I would have journaled. Taken the time to write down all the milestones and even the day to day adventures of growing a tiny human. I would love to be able to look back at more than just weekly baby bump pictures. You get so caught up in “getting ready”, you sometimes forget that pregnancy is just as magical as the baby you get at the end. I wish I would have documented my journey a little better.” Malorey Matson-Bates of Beautifully Mediocre

I wish I would have taken CONSISTENT weekly photos. I wish I would have removed the anxiety the last few weeks and just let him come on God’s timing. I wish I would have stayed more consistent with Kegal exercises.” Gloria Smiley of Dear Young Woman

 “Taken photos every week and spent the money on the expensive and cute maternity clothes. Mostly….I wish I would’ve worn support (with my son especially) to lift my belly.” Angel Sames of Mommying Differently


pregnancy regrets Habibi House


“With both pregnancies, I wish I had taken maternity photos and kept a journal throughout the pregnancy detailing my thoughts, feelings and what was going on each week. I took bump photos more with my first pregnancy than the second one, so I wish I took more with the second. With my second pregnancy, I wish my husband and I had taken a couples trip for a few days as a break from our toddler and time together before our lives became super busy with another child.” Gwendolyn Meredith of Nurturing Family and Self

“I wish I would have documented my pregnancy more. Looking back I wish I had more bump pictures and written down the details and thoughts.” Lauren Eichstadt Forsythe of My Favorite Job Title is Mom

I wish I would have done professional maternity pics. All I have are candid shots. In addition, I wish I would have studied different birth methods then decided which was best for me. Instead, I only chose to learn one.” Jennifer Widera of One Hoppy Momma

“I have 6, and I’m pretty sure I am done (pretty sure) I wish I made a belly cast and took more pics of my belly.” Jacqueline Chinappi of Kitchen Psychology 

I wish I’d enjoyed and documented my second pregnancy more. When I was expecting my first son, I was so excited; I knew exactly what is happening inside my bump each week, I had a pregnancy photo shoot, made a photo album…etc. I feel sorry I didn't make that time to actually enjoy my second pregnancy more.”  Eva Martin of Fit 4 Motherhood 

I wish I would have taken cute weekly (or even monthly) photos. I was so exhausted it seemed almost impossible to get myself looking cute enough for a picture, let alone preparing props, chalkboard signs, etc.! Cindy Hemming of Living For the Sunshine

“I wish I had professional photos taken of me and my bump.” Ays Randrup Cunanan of Notes From Our Corner 

 “I wish I would have lived more in the moment during my pregnancy. Everything around me was stressful and chaotic, so what should have been a beautiful time, wasn’t. Even changing my mindset and worrying less about what others were doing would have helped a ton! As many other moms have stated, I too wish I would have gotten professional photos taken, to have something beautiful to look back on. And lastly, I wish I had scheduled a professional photographer to be at the hospital to take pictures during labor & delivery and most definitely for afterward so I could have priceless pictures of my baby girl’s first day with us. ?” KrisAnn Connery of Color Me a Dreamer

“I wished I would have taken monthly pics, but I didn’t because I was overweight and didn’t think I should. ?” Meagan Deal of meagandeal.com


Beach babymoon wilmington,nc habibi house


Take A Babymoon or Travel

We are total advocates of taking a babymoon before your baby comes. This is one of my pregnancy regrets with Greyson, although it was due to a tragic accident and not lack of desire. Take a babymoon girl, even if it's just to a nearby city for a weekend. You will not regret it!

“Go on a babymoon. If affordability is an issue, I can think of ten baby items you’re considering that you either don’t need or can spend less on than you think. Spend quality time with your partner because the minutes that you can do so post-baby will be few and far between.” Rachael Marini of Thrive Momma

 “I wished I had taken a babymoon with my husband. He had suggested it, but I told him we shouldn’t because I didn’t want to spend the money, plus I was going to be taking 12 weeks off of work. I felt guilty requesting more time off. Looking back, I wish I took that one last vacation with him because since having kids we have yet to take one!” Kristi Bahgat of Keeping Motherhood Real 

I wish I had traveled more! Although I travel pretty extensively with my little one now it was my opportunity to enjoy traveling as a party of one.” Montoya Hudson of  The Spring Break Family

The Ultimate Beach Babymoon Series: Clearwater

Beach Babymoon in Nantucket

The Ultimate Beach Babymoon Guide to Wilmington, NC


Educate Yo'self


Oh my goodness, my dedicated readers know for a fact this is my biggest podium here on Habibi House. Heck, this is why I started the blog in the first place. I was sick of seeing women bowled over by a system that they were not prepared to beat. These women end up having an opposite birth than they planned. Don't do this to yourself.

We go over all the stuff that you are afraid of, all the things you may not understand, and you get yourself educated. I would also highly recommend reading some pregnancy books and taking an online pregnancy/birth class. We open our birth courses a few times a year. Click this link and find out more. Don't go into your birth without knowledge. Knowledge is power GIRL!

“I wish I’d actually read about what having a baby was like, and what to expect (stages, phases, etc.) I did all the traditional pregnancy things like bump pics, registry, and babymoon, but I had no idea what to expect once the baby actually got here!” Carly Sachs of The Mammalist 

 “I wish I would have done more research about things that could happen during pregnancy. I just always thought pregnancy would be a breeze, but both of my pregnancies were horrible!! I had preeclampsia twice, spent a ton of time in the hospital, and had to be induced early with both. I wish I would have known more about preeclampsia and being induced before I actually had to go through it!” Alison Wilkin  of Moving Mountains with Motherhood



Stay Fit


Girl, trust me when I say, do not get lazy during pregnancy, it will be one of your pregnancy regrets if you do. It's not worth it. You will feel so much better during pregnancy, labor, and afterward during postpartum if you maintain some level of pregnancy fitness

“I wish I would’ve worked out, or at least been more active. I think I’d be further along in my weight loss journey now if I would have been consistent while pregnant. I definitely took advantage of the “I’m tired” and “I’m pregnant. I can laze around if I want!” Haha”  Heather Gowen of WIne on A Wednesday

“I wish I worked out with my first born—I miscarried right before him, so I was scared to do anything. I gained 65 pounds and recovery was difficult.” Jennie Anne Carfora of Failure to Thrive No More 

 “I am pregnant right now, but I wish I would have swum more in my 1st pregnancy. It helps so much with back pain. I feel lighter, and I get a great workout that is low impact. With my first pregnancy, I tried to maintain my regular long-running routine, and I wish I would have just found swimming instead. :)” Maria Lucille of Literally Simple 

I wish I had worked out! I had an amazing pregnancy, but I wish that I would have focused on fitness even a little.” Tricia Jones of The Healthyish Home


Remember Self care 

Some of the moms that I spoke to had some pregnancy regrets about not doing more for themselves. Things like rest, spa days, and even buying nicer maternity clothing, topped the lists. Momma, you have to care for yourself, or you will get burned out. Especially if this is your first baby, you will regret not taking some time out and pampering yourself. Once the baby comes, you won't have time!

“Slept in/taken naps. I was so busy getting stuff ready for the baby or cleaning and nesting that I didn’t let myself be lazy! Now that my baby wakes up at six every single day, I am kicking myself”  Hannah Witherspoon of Contracts and Carseats

I wished I would have dressed the bump up a little more! Like fancy, fancy!!” Lateva Woolfolk of The All-Purpose Woman 

Liz Larsen Hey! So I'm eight months pregnant with my second child right now and reflecting on this.

“I wish that I would've taken more time to spend with my husband and dog. I was so worried about working and preparing for maternity leave and the baby that once it was time for her arrival I was so worried I hadn't had enough time to love just my husband and pup. I know that sounds silly but I write it with tears in my eyes, your love for your partner changes so much and your relationship grows into something new when you have a baby, so I wish I had savored those moments of just us before we became parents.”  Kaleigh Crummett Barry of The Barry Bunch Blog

(Not really self-care but in the end it would benefit and give you more time for self-care) “Although some pregnant mamas have a strong nesting instinct towards the end of their pregnancy, I didn't really experience this. But this is the #1 thing I wish I had done more of while I was pregnant! Babies come with a lot of stuff, between baby supplies, piles of clothes, and lots of new toys. I wish I had taken the time to do more organizing and sorting, as well as purchased more tools to organize all of my baby stuff. This would have helped me to feel much more organized and less cluttered from day one. And it would have given me even more time to enjoy newborn snuggles with my baby instead of squeezing in extra time to clean and organize”. Danielle of  Piece of Cake Parenting

Be sure to sign up for our live classes. CLICK here to take our free class: Your Expert Game plan for Conquering The Fear of Childbirth  & Confronting Labor PainI can teach you how to be prepared and why you should not wing your birth.

Pregnancy Regrets with Subsequent Pregnancies!


Boy, do you realize when you are pregnant with your second (or more) child how time can get past you fast? Some women are very faithful at documenting, taking bump shots, going on a babymoon with their first pregnancy. But guess what, now they have a toddler and no sleep, and fail to document anything with the next pregnancy.

Be aware of this and be prepared to take action to not have pregnancy regrets with your second pregnancy. 

“When you're pregnant with your first child, you can really focus on the miracle growing daily inside you. When it's your second child, that focus is blurry. Life is going by so fast, and before you know it, you're doing an order at Amazon at 11 pm as your due date approaches because you haven't started the nursery! (Last night, don't ask me how much it cost!) I also wish I would have been more active, eaten better, and spent more time with my spouse. I do start every day from a place of gratitude where I thank God for my blessings and my family, specifically this little baby boy we will have soon, is the first thing I express gratitude for. I'm hoping the big buy upstairs will help me sort out the rest. :)” Liz Larsen of The Life you Design

“With my second I wish I documented more—I was high risk and working so documenting my belly pictures were put on a back burner. I do wish I did maternity pictures!” Jennie Anne Carfora of Failure to Thrive No More 

I hope you enjoyed reading all the different types of pregnancy regrets a momma can experience. (Trust me there are many more types, but these were the most prevalent)

Comment and let us know what your pregnancy regrets you experienced. 

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