Labor Nurse Mama Podcast

In this podcast episode,Trish is joined by Trystan White, a midwife and former labor and delivery nurse. Together, they discuss pregnancy from weeks 8 to 12. They share: Early signs of pregnancy Preparing for the first prenatal visit The importance of choosing the right healthcare provider Trystan also shares information about common genetic tests during […]
Join me as I chat with Julie Dhingra, a mom of 2 and the owner/founder of Sacral Garden Skincare. I invited her to sit down and talk about her new product, Ma Pad. It is a truly genius done for you, padsicle. About Julie: After leaving her job as a seasoned jet pilot and instructor […]
Hey there, beautiful mommas-to-be! Join me, Trish, as we cozy up and chat about the rollercoaster of the first eight weeks of pregnancy. It's a journey filled with surprises, changes, and a whole lot of magic. Let's dive in! We’ll talk about those first moments – from wondering if you're pregnant to seeing that positive […]
Welcome back to your favorite online spot where we chat about all the beautiful, crazy, and absolutely unpredictable sides of pregnancy and childbirth. Join me, Trish, your fave labor nurse, sipping on my all-day coffee and ready to dive into another fantastic episode! We've got an amazing birth story for you! Suzannah, one of our […]

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