Labor Nurse Mama Podcast

You have many decisions to make when you are having a baby. One of the first and most powerful decisions is to decide what kind of health care provider you want for your pregnancy care and the birth of your baby. Today is a shortie episode packed with punch. We cover choosing a care provider […]
Skin to skin is a buzzword when it comes to childbirth.  But it is not just your time with the baby. I mean this is important. But there are some powerful reasons why skin-to-skin with mom should not be interrupted. Benefits of skin to skin: → Calms you both → Regulates the baby's temperature, heart […]
“I was a yes girl and part of me, and have to fight against that side of you. There's going to be the yes girl, I got to do this for other people! When you're pregnant, you'll start Noticing, how you feel. And things like: I don't like when they make that comment, I don't […]
Today's guest is Bailey Knight. Bailey is one of my students inside Calm Labor Confident Birth Class who joined our class in hope of having a more knowledgeable & empowered second birth. Baliey's labor begins in the midst of a string of tornadoes that wreak havoc on the east coast. Here's a tidbit of our […]

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