Labor Nurse Mama Podcast

Hey mama! Today, I'm sharing a real and experience-based overview of what you'll possibly go through during your first trimester: symptoms, cravings, emotional overload (Hello hormones!), and so much more. Side note: This recording is from a teaching topic that I did on Instagram, so it's a little bit different from the previous episodes. Resources: […]
Today's birth experience is straight from the expert! Sara shares her wisdom on everything you need to know about a perineal massage: Does a perineal massage really help? The benefits of a perineal massage during pregnancy and postpartum recovery What vaginal tearing means and why it happens Tips on doing a perineal massage the right […]
If you have no clue what to do with your baby's first bath, then this episode is for you! Find out why delayed bathing is a must so you (and your partner) will know what to do. Resources: Ready to be empowered & Prepared for Birth, Take a Birth Class NOW! Grab a Free Pregnancy/Postpartum […]
Learn the basics about baby safety 101 and everything you need to know about first aid, car seat safety, childproofing, and injury prevention. Holly Choi is the co-owner and instructor at Safe Beginnings First Aid. She is a nationally-certified first aid instructor with the Canadian Red Cross, a Child Passenger Safety Technician-Instructor with the Child […]

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