Labor Nurse Mama Podcast

One of the top most empowering things you can do is recognize coercion and other tactics used to sway you, early in your pregnancy. Join me as my guest Traci, and I talk all about coercive language in maternal healthcare! Talk about frustrating. You can find Traci over on Tiktok as @tracidoula4 Resources: Ready to be empowered & Prepared for Birth, Take […]
Not sure what to feel about cervical exams? I'm here to debunk the myths and tell you everything you need to know — including your rights. If it's not your cup of tea, it's okay to say no. Listen in for some bonus tips on how you can decline without offending. At the end of […]
Join Trish as she talks about VBACs and the rights you have when choosing whether you would like to have a vaginal birth after a cesarean. 90% of women are candidates, according to the studies. 60-80% of VBACs are successful. We are here to support YOUR CHOICE! Resources: Grab your EMPOWERED VBAC EBOOK DOWNLOAD FREE! […]
Have you ever considered surrogacy? I had such a great time talking with Samantha about being a surrogate. Listen in as we talk about this incredible gift she is giving to another mama. You can find Samantha on IG as @wearedanandsam Resources: Join our FREE 5 Days to A Fearless Birth Experience Ready to be […]

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