Labor Nurse Mama Podcast

Join us in this insightful episode as we sit down with Kaci Mial, an esteemed sex coach with a robust educational background in human sexuality and hands-on experience as a support provider for teen moms. Kaci delivers her expert insights into preserving intimacy during the postpartum period, a topic that many new mothers find challenging […]
Are you an expectant mom, curious about innovative ways to ease labor pain and make your birthing experience more empowering? Look no further! 🌟 Coping with Labor Pain – Beyond the Norm 🌟 In this episode, Trish, a seasoned labor and delivery rn and childbirth educator, dives deep into unconventional yet scientifically-backed methods that can […]
Today's episode will be one that no one wants to have to talk about but it is the side of labor and delivery that is not happy smiles and laughter. Labor and delivery nurses have the most incredible job in the world. We have the honor of standing in the presence of your family's most […]
Hey there, beautiful mamas-to-be! Welcome back to another empowering episode of The Birth Experience with Labor Nurse Mama Podcast. Today, we're diving deep into the radiant second trimester of pregnancy – a time of blossoming, energy, and nurturing your incredible journey. I'm thrilled to share with you the top 11 things you should absolutely embrace […]

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