Labor Nurse Mama Podcast

Trish shares her expert insights on the advantages of laboring at home as long as possible to reduce hospital interventions. She shares how to prepare for this through childbirth education, labor coping tools, and having an educated birth partner. Listen in as Trish shares her top tips on navigating childbirth with confidence, emphasizing the importance […]
This episode, with two nurse mamas, navigates through birth trauma while providing tips to have a more positive birth experience. Introducing Mama Nurse Tina, mom of four, and a labor and delivery nurse since 2012 having worked as ER nurse before then. Tina started her social media platform as a way to empower women in […]
Tune into this episode to explore the significant benefits of delayed bathing for newborns.  In this recent Instagram live Trish shares insights on the importance of delayed bathing, how it can benefit both the baby and the mother, and how new mothers can make informed decisions during the postpartum period. Trish emphasizes the importance of […]
Becca Boeving, mom of two and a pelvic floor specialist known as Pelvic Floor Momma, shares her professional insights on addressing pregnancy and postpartum pain.  Becca became a VBAC Lab student following the birth experience of her son, and quickly became obsessed with helping women walk through the weeds of pregnancy and postpartum. “Pelvic health […]

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