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Constipated baby? No Problem. Gassy, screaming baby? no problem. Infant massage is the game-changer. “It is through our hands that we speak to the child. That we communicate. Touch is the child's first language, understanding comes long after feeling.” Fredrick Leboyer Elina Furman, Certified Infant Massage Instructor & founder of Kahlmi is on the show […]
Who's afraid of vaginal tearing during birth? Um…none of us want to tear our lady bits! We hear this all the time over on IG. We know this fear is filling your brain right now. So Trish is breaking it down today. Vaginas are made to stretch and accommodate your baby. A vaginal tear is […]
This podcast will be straight talk about things you gotta know about pregnancy, birth, and this new adventure called motherhood. Real talk, straight from a long-time labor and delivery nurse (That's me, Trish Ware, RN) and mama of seven. Hit subscribe now because we are launching on March 1 and will be talking about pregnancy […]

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