Free Birth Workshop

Labor Pain: Insider Tips to Understand The Pain Of Labor & How to Have Your Best Birth

In this Birth Workshop, you'll learn:

How to face the “unknowns” of birth with a mindset that sets you up for a beautiful birth story

Skip this part, and your birth dreams will be over before they start. We'll talk about easy ways to set your mind right before embarking on this journey.

What exactly causes the pain of labor? How does it change during each stage?

Understanding how labor works and what to *really* expect before you go into labor makes all the difference in the world! We'll talk about ways to minimize labor pain, how to set boundaries, and how to embrace labor to make everything go smoother.

How to Face the Fears of Labor

Your fear of labor (pain) can make or break your birth experience. I'll teach you how to make sure you are set up for the best possible outcome. This is my super power.


About Your Instructor

Hey Mama,

I am so happy to meet you. I am a Labor & Delivery RN and a mama of 7!

Pregnancy and childbirth is my passion. It is my mission to empower women through education and an understanding of their rights in childbirth.

Over the years, I’ve developed a reputation for helping mamas feel empowered and confident in pregnancy and in motherhood.

I am the creator of Calm Labor Confident Birth Course and creator of The VBAC Lab!

I educate though various platforms, including my blog and instagram accounts. (as Labor Nurse Mama)

My readers are highly engaged and turn to me for insight.

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trish's signature from habibi house

What My Mamas Say:

Let's Create Your Dream Birth Story

Wouldn't it be a relief to learn how to labor *before* you go into labor – so you can feel confident instead of shaking-in-your-labor-gown scared?

Face the unknowns about birth BEFORE you step foot into the labor room.
Learn your rights so you don't get bullied into interventions you don't want
Understand the pain of labor in a way that makes sense and create calm vibes
Get your mindset on point – so you can escape the pain
Know what to expect so you can feel strong and confident every step of the way