Over ONE MILLION Blog Views in Nine Months: Here’s How!

June 9, 2019

If you searched Pinterest strategies for blog views and landed here, I hope you stay and read.

I am so EXCITED about our incredible Pinterest Results and the unbelievable website traffic it created.

We had Zero, Zilch, Nada happening on Pinterest in June.

Eight weeks into researching Pinterest (one month into blogging )and implementing our lessons, we were at 1.1. Million monthly Pinterest viewers and 35k unique visitors to our blog.

UPDATE: We have had over 1.9 million views to our blog in our first year!!  If you want me to teach you how to drive millions to your website, Then Head Here!!

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We have had over a million views in nine months!! We ended 2018 with a bang and as of June 9 over 44kviews. WHOO HOO!!!

Why I am here and who I am:

Hey mama, I am Trish— AKA Labor Nurse Mama. I am a labor and delivery nurse with over 15 years of high-risk OB experience. I am also a mama to 7 kids and have given birth to 6. This means I am quite familiar with the postpartum period and how to navigate it. I am the online birth class educator for Calm Labor Confident Birth and The VBAC Lab birth classes and the mama expert inside our Calm Mama Society, a pregnancy & postpartum membership community! I am passionate about your birth and motherhood journey! You can find me over on IG teaching over 230k mamas daily. I am passionate about your birth and motherhood journey!

We make a small commission from some of the links (you don’t pay any more for using our links); however some of the recommendations, we do not earn anything; we love ’em and want you to know about them. Click here for our full disclosure. Thank you!

We aren't techy, business majors. A lot of the information I found seemed to come from people who had some experience in marketing or business or like us, moms who wanted to build a blog income.

To begin, I had minimal knowledge of Pinterest.


I remember staring at the screen thinking, How the heck does this work?

How do people get their stuff on Pinterest, and from Pinterest, direct people to their blog?

I committed myself to studying the inside and out of Pinterest. It was like nursing school all over. I dove in and didn't come out for a couple of months. 

Researched and invested in courses, I read blog posts, and I didn't sleep much. I studied and then researched my research. I slept and ate Pinterest. 

I remember the first time I searched, “Pinterest strategies for blog views” and saw that bloggers were claiming BIG INCOMES due to Pinterest sending traffic. It FLOORED ME!!

That was a defining moment for me. I realized that I could do this. 

If a labor and delivery nurse can grow her Pinterest traffic and resulting blog traffic so fast, so can you. 

But the best thing for you is that I can teach you everything it took me months to learn, in a few weeks (or days if you are like my first few students!)

What is Pinterest exactly?

Anna and I decided that I would focus on Pinterest, and my goal was to learn it, inside and out. My main objective was Pinterest strategies for blog views like I was seeing the big bloggers get!

Right away, I realized I need mega help to understand this platform. So I started searching for “teachers” to show me the way, and I knew I had to invest in this business.

Why are Pinterest Strategies for Bloggers key to growth?
Lesson 1: Invest in Your Business!

You need an organized format. If your time is limited, like mine, then check out ours.  I have had fantastic success in growing our unique and monthly blog sessions!

I would have to say your Pinterest strategies for business should begin education!

We have taken all the knowledge and hard work and put it together into a comprehensive course.

It teaches you EXACTLY what we do every day to have such incredible views!

Our proof is in our statistics.

Check them out here!

Add in the fact that once you purchase you can join the private Facebook group and stalk everyone for more tips. It's a win!

I never dreamed when I first started this journey that in a few weeks Anna and I would have increased our monthly Pinterest viewers to over a million in a month, 3.2 million in five months, and in nine months we have had over ONE MILLION blog visitors and averaging over 200k per month in 2019.

STAT updates: February 2019 (six months after launching)

Why You Should Focus Heavily on Pinterest

Ten Reasons

    1. It's a visual search engine. You have a product or a service to sell. Adding it to the “searches” on Pinterest is just smart business.
    2. Pinterest is a solution to the user's problem or need.
    3. You have something to deliver to specific needs.
    4. You have automated the “product” to be delivered while you sleep.
    5. A considerable percentage of Pinterest Users are looking to purchase, and over 50% of them make over 50k a year, and 10% earn over 125k per year.
    6. On average, 50% of Pinterest users buy from a promoted pin.
    7. Users are 5 x more likely to buy than any other social media platform.
    8. You can link to your website through every pin you publish to Pinterest. (THINK EXPOSURE)
    9. Viral pin last YEARS, every other social platform lasts hours to days after a viral post.
    10. Shelf life for an Instagram post is about 30 min to an hour. Facebook is up to a day. Pinterest's half-life for a published pin is SIX MONTHS!!!

Millennials use Pinterest to search more often than any other search engines, aka more Pinterest viewers.

If you have not created your blog or started yet, then skip everything else, Go to Bluehost and purchase a website platform!

Course 2: (edited to add this)

You should take our Pinterest course first and then focus on affiliate marketing. I can help you get the blog views you need, to begin making serious money through ads and clicks to links.

But, I wanted to share with you another course that has been life-changing for our blog. It is all about the mysterious Affiliate marketing aspect of your blog. I am by no means an expert but as we are making around 1500 a month at this point in our short blogging career, (UPDATE TO SAY WE MADE OVER 5K the last two months, from blog and shop!)

Affiliate marketing is a tricky and delicate science. As I am still implementing and learning, I can teach you some fantastic things in my course, but Michelle's is what you should do after our class

Michelle is a financial blogger over at Making sense of Cents. She is making a significant income and shares all her secrets and lessons in her course, Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing.

My point is this they go hand in hand, Pinterest strategies for blog views and affiliate marketing strategies. Think of it as a slow dance. The lead (Pinterest) is spinning the partner (affiliate marketing) around the dance floor. One can't dance without the other. 

Have the Proper Tools To Succeed

Tools are worth investing for the successful implementation of your Pinterest strategies for blog views!

You can learn all you want, but if you don't have a plan, your Pinterest strategy won't matter. You need tools to implement your plan.


Maximize your time and efforts with HELP from TAILWIND!!!

Pinterest rewards time spent on their platform! 

The more time you spend on Pinterest, the better.

This in itself, will increase your monthly Pinterest viewers and engagement, therefore sending more traffic to your blog.

But who has all day when they are writing blog posts and working a job? Not me. Not you.

So, I manually pin in the morning and a little in the evening. Like 30-40 or more, I now do around twenty manual pins per day, unless I'm captivated by a subject, in which case I become a typical pinner and pin away like my recent obsession with Bullet Journaling and Goal setting.

Realistically, I can only pin so much. (I also just hired a Virtual Assistant and SISTER she is worth her weight in gold)

Enter in Tailwind which came recommended by Kate from simple pin media, and just about everyone else!

As well as everyone….everywhere. I need to publish a post about the CRAZY GOODNESS that is Tailwind. YOU HAVE TO HAVE IT!!

Start with the free plan. It may be enough for you if you are blogging as a hobby.

Take my course to see how I use Tailwind in a way that no one else does. It's part of my strategy that has gotten us over 1.2 million views since last August.

And exactly why I am about to quit my day job to blog full time! Can I get an AMEN Halleleuja!


I can't even begin to say enough about Tailwind and how much it has boosted my traffic to my blog.

There are not enough hours in the day for me to physically do what Tailwind has done for me. I'm delivering a baby and Tailwind is pinning content. I'm sleeping, and Tailwind is pinning.

I go on vacation, and you guessed it, Tailwind is working FOR ME!!!

We purchased the plus plan, which is around $10 a month. We did the math, and for the amount of work Tailwind does on my behalf, it was well worth the dollar bills.

I also love that I have connected with other bloggers on this platform.

Tailwinds analytics has also been instrumental in helping me tweak my pins as my monthly Pinterest viewers have increased. (I use both Tailwinds and Pinterest Analytics to adjust my content and teach precisely how I do this in the course, Plus if you sign up for the course and choose option one, I will personally help you do the same!

I can't stress the importance of tailwind for your traffic. So worth the money! (Did I mention we had over 20k blog viewers in our first 15 days?) 


Pinterest is a Visual search engine.

Wrap your mind around the fact that although Pinterest is a social media platform, it is mostly a search engine.

You don't have to be a big business player to do well on this platform.

You need a basic understanding of SEO and keyword search within Pinterest.

Add in that Pinterest allows Hashtags and Bam those searching finds your pins!

Think about it.

Your baby is turning one soon; You search “Baby's first birthday party decor.”

Your daughter is getting married in a year. You create a board and start looking for DIY options.

In my niche, you get pregnant and feel like death warmed over. So you search Morning Sickness Remedies and see Habibi House's sweet little post about Morning sickness written by a mom of 7 who is a labor nurse. (who happens to be me!)

That's how easy it is to rank on Pinterest.

Millennials live on Pinterest!

Millennials (men & women) go to Pinterest to find EVERYTHING, and they BUY THINGS!. They are a considerable part of Pinterest viewers. I can not emphasize the fact that Pinterest is a platform that you can use for almost every niche.

My niche, which is pregnancy, birth, motherhood, family travel,  and all things Millennial Parenting is no exception.

Quality Pins Matter

We use Canva and PicMonkey  (updated to include PicMonkey) to create our pins. (I teach exactly how I do each pin and why I do it, in our course)

Canva is a straightforward tool to create high-quality pins and more. PicMonkey is a little more complicated but does more.

Plus it is mobile friendly, and Canva is not.(THIS IS HUGE!)

Whichever platform you use, be sure to check your grammar. It is mortifying to go to Pinterest, check a pin that has already been published, and find grammatical errors! It's bad business!

We use Grammarly and love it!! It is an automated editor, and you will love it. Check out Grammarly! 

Key nugget: I started implementing Pinterest Strategies for increasing blog views before we even launched the Blog!

We were busting our butts behind the scenes before we hit live on the blog.

I was busy pinning content related to our niche before we even launched our blog. I was also writing posts and creating pins for our content. (OMG my pins were awful before I took the courses I chose, which led me to discover my specific strategy)

We were behind the scenes setting up our website and writing posts.

Key point: DON'T WAIT TO WORK ON YOUR PINTEREST STRATEGIES until you set the website up, as Pinterest brought us 90% of our over 20k viewers in less than three weeks. I can show you how to lay a solid foundation with Pinterest even before you launch. 

Create a Quality Website for your peeps to land on!

You can also grow your Pinterest Business account and your blog as fast as I've grown mine. I still can't believe it.

Let me show you!

Comment or email us with questions.

Follow us on Pinterest!
labor nurse mama trish ware
labor nurse mama trish ware

Just a little Disclaimer: As always, I am just writing my thoughts and what I’ve learned along the way. Although I am in fact a labor and delivery RN, This is not medical advice. You should always seek and follow the advice of your care provider.

This post may contain some affiliate links (which means if you make a purchase after clicking a link I will earn a small commission, but it won’t cost you a penny more)! Thank you! For our full disclosure read here)


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