Homemaking Hacks for the Millennial Mom?

May 5, 2018

Homemaking 101!

I've been a momma for 28 years and running a command on a house for a little longer. I've grown through a season or two of changes if I must say so myself. Just when I think I've learned a thing or two, BAM, a new problem arises, and I'm learning again. Back in the day, when I was setting up my first household, I had a Better Homes and Garden book or two. Throw in a magazine with a quiz, and I was set.

But you, you have the internet! And sister, that gives you a leg UP!

I wanted to learn how to be a better “homemaker” for lack of better term. I'm a working labor and delivery nurse, a homeschooling mom, and a shop owner, a blogger. So, girl, I need help wherever I can grab it.

Grab a cup of coffee or whatever is your thang, sit back, and let me lead you to the resources I found that you need to check out!

Why I am here and who I am:

Hey mama, I am Trish— AKA Labor Nurse Mama, a labor and delivery nurse with over 15 years of high-risk OB experience. I am also a mama to 7 kids and have given birth to 6 and have labored thousands of mamas and delivered many, many babies. I am the online birth class educator for Calm Labor Confident Birth and The VBAC Lab birth classes. and the mama expert inside our Calm Mama Society Mama Membership Community! You can find me over on IG teaching over 240k mamas daily.

We make a small commission from some of the links (you don’t pay any more for using our links); however some of the recommendations, we do not earn anything; we love ’em and want you to know about them. Click here for our full disclosure. Thank you!

The Homemaking Bad Rap

We all know that Homemaking is an antiquated term. It stirs a whole lot in the pot if ya know what I mean. People conjure up pictures or ideas of a little woman in an apron toting a dishmop. But that's not the truth, because whether we like it or not, we as women in the home tend to make it or break it. Homemakers, the lot of us. Stay at home moms all the way to full-time working moms,  repeat the same tune. I bet you do too! Help! We need help in all areas. Whether you are a mom starting a blog or a mom working a full-time corporate job, things that lighten your load are treasured.

You know that the house schedule, most of the cleaning (dictating it anyway), and organizing the ship falls onto our shoulders. We keep it functioning if you will. But we need resources to keep it running smoothly! Don't get me wrong, because there are plenty of men out there carrying the torch as well. So, if you are the homemaking captain, then you need the same help I need. No matter how you look at it, running the home, is a full-time job that needs well-oiled tools! I’m being honest, I haven’t always felt good about the state of my home. I’ve struggled to keep it tidy and organized. I’ve battled bulging closets and random clutter strewn about and overstuffed junk drawers and toys that threatened to overtake us. The biggest win I’ve experienced in the never-ending stuff battle has been to massively cut down on clutter. This was the game-changer. In fact, you probably already know this. Decluttering is all over the internet! But that doesn’t make it easy to actually do it, right?

  1. Maybe you tried decluttering on your own already, but for some reason it didn't work?
  2. Do you dread the thought of sorting through everything, or not knowing where to start?
  3. Does clutter just keep appearing in your home and you don't know how to stop it?

 If you relate to any of those questions (and I know I did!) then I’m really excited to tell you about the Declutter 365 Missions membership site. During your one-year membership, you’ll get:

  • inspiration to declutter every single place in your house
  • daily reminders of your mission
  • access to a private Facebook group
  • weekly coaching calls to keep you motivated
  • plus more!

 Normally, you can get access to the Declutter 365 Missions Membership for $49, but for just a few more days, you can get it for just $29.97! (That’s more than 39% off!) But that’s not all… I’m also really excited about the Get Organized HQ Summit: 2018 Virtual Summit (valued at $49). This summit brings together over 20 organizing experts. You’ll learn how to create routines for a more organized life, how to devise a digital home management system, how to organize your finances, and so much more! Together, these resources normally sell for $98, but you can get them both for $29.97.

Homemaking Needs to be Organized:

Find some tools to structure the day, get your thoughts organized and your day becomes organized. I am in love with planners myself. I'm the girl who loved school supply shopping, not so much school, but I loved my supplies. I still love school supplies; all things paper makes me giddy! So yep, A planner, whther a binder or bullet journal, you need one! I am slightly obsessed with bullet journaling right now, so my first recommendation is to start that for your homemaking journey The brilliance of a bullet journal is it's all in one. Organized and convenient all in one place! Plus it also gives you a creative outlet. Did I mention that I am obsessed with this right now? I swear by it for bloggers. Here's a roundup of who I am looking to for ideas: How to Start a Bullet Journal! The Easiest Future Planning Method You’ll Ever Use
Learn How to Start a Bullet Journal as A Beginner

Homemaking most likely includes cooking: Simplify

I have found for me the most helpful thing I can do to simplify my life is to plan out my meals.

What makes your life easier in the kitchen?

Go to meals also help your month go easier and smoother. You can create a go-to recipe board on Pinterest and use that when you are planning your meals. I recently found the $5 Meal Plan, and it's genuinely life-saving. It cost only $5 a month, and you get meal plans sent straight to you (email or download) along with the exact shopping list you need to create the meals. You can also go in and edit or pick what you want based on needs (like Gluten Free). The meals are easy to make and much more affordable than me winging it the night of. Plus, the fact that the grocery list is created for me sold me.

What you need to simplify meals:

An Instantpot! Yep, this is my favorite kitchen appliance right now! I made the most delicious, tender, and incredibly tasty pot roast in 25 minutes. What?? My pot roast takes typically like 6 hours to make right. If this isn't simplifying your life, I'm not sure what will. You must use an instant pot to understand the complete necessity of having one in your life. This is a no brainer, get an instant pot! (If you have one, please comment and share your favorite recipes!) Here's the recipe I used: Instant Pot Beef & Broccoli!

A Stellar Budget is a must have for a homemaking diva!

Ok, I'll be real here. I suck at this, but I am purposing to not put this off any longer. I want to be smart about our finances. My husband is an impulse buyer, so I tend to be the one who drives around to 500 stores to find a deal. But truth be told we both suck and sticking to a budget. I'm super excited about a course I just got in a homemaking bundle I bought, and my goal is to bullet journal it into 2019! (If you have any great budgeting ideas, please comment and let me know!) You should also check out this 2019 Real Life Budget Binder by Jesse Fearon; She has all sort of budgeting and organizational ideas. Time Management I suck at this! I NEED HELP! Here's what I found: Brainbook: Bullet Journaling Your Way to a More Organized Life ( IM OBSESSED) Brainbook is your go-to bullet journaling guide so you can confidently create a planner that organizes your calendar, lists, notes, ideas, and long-term goals in one place. Um hello, you need this too! I also got 4 Weeks to a More Productive Life (there may be a waiting list now, but you could luck up!) Ok, now check back in four weeks and see if I've become more productive.

Mom Boss

First off if you've ever thought about starting a blog!!! DO IT! I SAID DO IT! It has been so fulfilling; I can't even put into words how this creative outlet has blessed me. I am so excited about what's happening on my blog. It has been so fulfilling to do something I LOVE every day and to meet amazing moms and mom bloggers along the way! You should head over and check out this post about my journey, and at the bottom, it tells you how to start your blog with Bluehost for under $4 a month. I will keep you guys updated with what I find to make your life easier!

trish's signature from habibi house

Just a little Disclaimer: As always, I am just writing my thoughts and what I’ve learned along the way. Although I am in fact a labor and delivery RN, This is not medical advice. You should always seek and follow the advice of your care provider.

This post may contain some affiliate links (which means if you make a purchase after clicking a link I will earn a small commission, but it won’t cost you a penny more)! Thank you! For our full disclosure read here)


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