A Guide to Digestive Health For Your Family Cat

February 1, 2019

This shop been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. However, All opinions are mine alone. #proplanprobiotic  #CollectiveBias 2019 is the year we all get healthy. There I said it out loud! Woo Hoo!  If you read my post about mom goals for the new year, then you know I am focusing on being intentional. Being Intentional in the health habits of my family, including my crazy cat, is a top priority this year. And that goal is how I became interested in Purina® Pro Plan”® Savor® with probiotics, for our cat Nahla. She has had some interesting digestive issues, to say the least, and after all the research I have done for my family's digestive issues, I knew Nahla needed healthier cat food.

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All Disease begins in the Gut ~ Hippocrates

The gut or otherwise known as the digestive tract, is key to many areas of our lives.

We have to eat correctly to support the critical role healthy microbes in the gut play. These microbes keep things balanced. Savor® couldn't have come at a more opportune time for our cat. This last month, I have been researching a healthier way of eating and learning the positive impacts probiotics can play. As we are on the path to gut health, I felt our cat should be as well!

If you are ready to make a positive impact on your cat's diet, then hover over the picture above to purchase! I discovered that Purina® has been studying probiotics and healthy nutrition concerning pets for decades. They purposely chose probiotics that are strong enough to survive the manufacturing and storage process. The strain of Probiotics they use is the same one found in many human foods and drinks. If it's safe enough for me, then I feel confident giving it to my cat. Side note: Purina® has a money-back guarantee, visit Proplan.com!  to learn all the details! Bonus: Pro Plan® Savor® Dry food, is giving you get $10 Back in the form of a digital prepaid card. (Head here)

Bacteria that lines the gut protects your cat from toxins in the digestive tract from entering the bloodstream. So the answer is yes, gut health in cats is important. Anything out of whack can mess up the perfect balance of healthy bacteria and cause you cat issues. Enter Probiotics. Probiotics are live microorganisms and when our cat consumes them, it results in a health benefit to her.  Probiotics can help to restore gut health in cats and humans as well, creating a healthier digestive response and a stronger immune system.

I headed to Petsmart, our one-stop pet shopping destination to find. We go so often that our favorite employee greets us like we are her family. Lol. We know her story, and she knows ours! She seriously makes our trip worth it.

It wasn't hard to find Savor® in the store, as Purina® has a large aisle! (I won't mention that PetSmart also has an adoption center and that we came home with another rescue cat for my mom!) Savor® comes in 5 dry food formulas that each have guaranteed live probiotics. The flavor you choose is personal preference and makes no difference as each will support your cat's digestive system. The number one ingredient in all the dry formulas is protein! We chose the shredded chicken and rice for Naha! I am partial to chicken and rice! lol

One of the main reasons you will love this cat food is that the probiotics in select dry Pro Plan® Savor® formulas can restore the balance of bacteria in your cat's digestive system. 

A healthy digetive system is one of the primary keys to gut health in cats (and people). Think of it as a defensive wall! If the bacteria levels are not balanced, then your cat's digestive system isn't stable, and their immunity is off kilter. Then all heck breaks loose! 

If you are ready for the positive benefits of adding Probiotics to your cat's diet the check these points out:

Purina ONE® products can be purchased at  Petsmart.com and then head  here to learn all about Purina® Pro Plan”® Savor® with probiotics and to get your $10 back (digital prepaid card) and learn all about Purina® Pro Plan”® Savor® with probiotics.  

Do you use probiotics in your cat’s diet? Comment Below!

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