Here's the Secret German Midwife's Cocktail Recipe to Naturally Go Into Labor: Plus other Techniques as Well.

August 25, 2019
german widwife's cocktail

A labor-inducing German midwife's cocktail recipe which helps you go into labor? What? This is a natural way to induce labor at home. It is a variation of some other effective ways to induce labor at home, that just might be a little easier on the system.

Here's a truth: Most natural ways to induce labor at home are disgusting.

Sorry, but it's true.

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So, this one is one that is slightly less disgusting but still produces some gross effects.

Disclaimer: Talk to your provider first and Do not do this unless you are at/past your due date.

Baby's need to stay inside. There is a reason for the due date. That's when the baby is fully ready to come out and meet this harsh world of ours. Be patient momma. I know, I know. It's so hard and so maddening to be pregnant for 40 weeks.

Your vagina feels like it is falling out. I get it. But YOU CAN DO THIS.

The German midwife's cocktail or concoction is a product of Germany. In Germany, birth is entirely different than here in the states. It seems like it is more laid back and more conducive to the natural process.

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Birth In Germany

In Germany, most deliveries are by a midwife and might not include a labor nurse. What? Not cool.

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What is cool is the support that Germany offers to new parents. Things like paid maternity and paternity leave are pretty amazing. To top that off insurance also pays for all three types of births that German women can choose from Hospital, birth Houses, or home birth. Can anyone say WAKE UP AMERICA!

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The History of The Midwives Cocktail

So back to the German midwife's cocktail and the natural way to induce labor at home. Which is why we are here, isn't it?

Apparently, at the hospital, the midwife will offer pain relief such as homeopathic remedies, TENS units, and even acupuncture? I swear, I should have had a baby in Germany.

Now, let's say your labor stalls out or you are past your due date and prefer not to use medications to induce labor, what happens then?

You get on your silk robe, feathery slippers and grab your Midwife cocktail, that's what!

For reals, they will offer you the midwife cocktail straight up in your hospital room. What the what? (I have heard they are no longer regularly offering this)

Ok, so I know, no one cares about anything else I have to say about this subject except the actual recipe.

First off, I am going to tell you that castor oil is no joke. I drank it with two of my pregnancies, once in this concoction. The first time I drank castor oil was due to some freaking elderly greek woman. She was craving supplier of baklava. She told me to drink it like a shot and follow it with a Coke. I still can't drink coke and it's been 29 years.

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Needless to say, I drank it around 3 in the afternoon, and after many bouts of diarrhea and vomiting, I gave birth around 1 A.M. the following morning. Read below for my experience with the German midwife's cocktail.

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german midwifes cocktail pregnant woman laying

German Midwife's Cocktail

  • 10 oz of Apricot Juice (Or Peach schnapps which I'm not condoning)
  • 8 oz of pure Lemon Verbena Tea
  • 2 TBSP Castor Oil
  • 2 TBSP Almond Butter
  • A whole lot of stamina

First, brew the tea and let it steep for 10-15 minutes. Then mix everything in a blender. You can add ice but it tends to work better room temp and ON AN EMPTY STOMACH.

Do not go out and about. This can hit you at any time. The German midwife's cocktail hit me within 2 hours and that was that. I was not doing hot and the contractions were INTENSE! But I had him 50 minutes after getting to the hospital and that was about 8 hours after drinking this crap.

Comment below with your thoughts and experiences with the German Midwife'fs Cocktail!

Other ways to help labor along:

1.Nipple Stimulation (This is the most proven and effective way to naturally stimulate labor)

2. Sex : Semen must be inside you, as the orgasm and the semen works to soften the cervix.

3. Walking: Get moving girl!!

4. Pineapple

5. Eggplant

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