French Baby Girl Names that Steal your Heart

November 06, 2018

There is something about a French baby girl names that steals your heart. Add in a French accent and it's a done deal.

We've scoured the universe to narrow down to this precious list of French baby girl names that should make your final cut.

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Airelle ~ Lioness Of God

Alia ~ Supreme

Bleutte ~ Short, Piece of Music

Celina ~ Sky or Heaven

Giselle ~ Peace Keeper

Ok, so everyone who knows me, knows that I am all about minimal interruptions in the natural process of labor and during the golden hour after birth.

Having a baby is not a hospital procedure; IT’S BIRTH PEOPLE and birth is NATURAL. You ain’t going in to get a gallbladder removed.

As if all the shunts and shutting isn’t crazy enough, some crazy *BLEEP* happens after the baby is born.

Did you know that after the birth of a newborn, if placed immediately on the mother’s stomach, the baby can crawl up to the breast?

It is miraculous to watch.

I’m not sure why we think that the only mammal capable of building empires, could not do something as simple as crawl to its food source, but most people doubt it. Maybe it’s because the majority of you guys had intervention after intervention in your labor room. Sorry, I have unwittingly been a part of that faux pas. Read more Here: The Golden Hour After Birth

Maelie ~ Chief, Princess

Naemi ~ Pleasantness

Noemie ~ Pleasantness

Prudence ~ Cautious

Marion ~ Bitter

Brigitte ~ Strength

Juliette ~ Youthful

Emmanuelle ~ God is with Us

Elodie ~ Foreign Riches

Adele ~ Noble, Kind, Tender

Delphine ~ Dolphin

Celeste ~ Heavenly

Jacquelyn ~ May God Protect

Abella ~ Breath that is the source of Life

Madeline ~ From the Tower

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Lucie ~ Light

Gabrielle ~ Woman of God

Raissa ~ Thinker

Eloise ~ Famous Warrior

Viollette ~ Violet Flower/Color

Solene ~ With Solemnity

Solange ~ Solemn

Marielle ~ Bitter

Fleur ~ Flower

Coralie ~ Coral

Lilou ~ Lily

Maelys ~ Feminine form of a prince (Mael)

I hope you love these unique baby girl names that have a French flair!  A solid name, a boob (an awesome boho nursing cover), some baby products and you're all set!

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