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5 Days: 5 Birth-Changing Free Mini Birth Classes

Day 1: How to Beat Fear and Enter your Birth With Confidence

Day 2: Four Proven Tips to Have Your Best Birth Ever: Learn Exactly What You Need to Do!

Day 3: Conquering your Fear of The Pain of Labor: How bad is it? …and How can I Embrace Contractions?

Day 4: A Labor Nurse's & Doula's Expert Tips For Immediate Postpartum & Newborn Care After Birth

Day 5: Three Labor Pain Coping Tools You Need to Know Plus A Bonus Tip for Your Labor Coach

Here's what my mamas loved about 5 Days to A Fearless Birth Experience:

I'm Trish Ware, RN

Hello, Mama! So nice to meet you!

I'm also a specialized, high-risk labor and delivery nurse who's a mom of 7. Nope, that's not a typo. 

I know what it's like to be pregnant and anxious about the unknown…. and then to bring a baby home, feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, frustrated, and at your wit's end. And trust me, having a proper plan in place way before birth makes everything so much more joyful for everyone!

So many of the checklists online left me feeling either more overwhelmed or just plain confused.

This is why I created my 5 Days to a Fearless Birth Experience, filled with 5 live pieces of training ( you can grab the recordings if you miss it live 😘), daily hangouts with birth professionals, facts, and absolute fun.

It's a compilation of everything I've learned as a nurse and a mama over the years.

I can’t wait to share my secrets and cheer you on to a fearless birth experience!

Your virtual coach-labor nurse,


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