20 Extremely Uncommon Baby Boy Names For Unique Parents

Trish ~ Labor Nurse Mama
September 26, 2019

I know you came here for an extremely uncommon baby boy name and I hope you find one you can't leave behind.

But, since beginning this baby name finding quest, I have encountered some doozies online. Not to say, I don't have patients naming their babies some strange ones. Because I do for sure. Like Star Wars obsessed fans and such, not to knock such fans.

Listen finding baby names for you people is not always easy and not always enjoyable. Some of the names we name our children are downright weird. Like W E I R D!

However, I truly enjoyed this list and feel that these extremely uncommon baby boy names are enjoyable to read and even more wonderful to use for a boy.

Comment and let me know your favorites or if you have a son (or daughter) with one of these names.

Why I am here and who I am:

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Our list of 20 Extremely Uncommon Baby Boy Names For Unique Parents
1 | M A X T O N

The strong baby boy name MAXTON is from a Latin meaning of ‘greatest'. I love this name for a little boy.

2 | B R A N S E N

This is an English surname (last name) meaning “son of Brando”. Brando came from the medieval Germanic name or word which was derived from brand or “sword”.

3 | M A T H I S

Mathis is the French and German version of Mathias. It means “Gift of God”.

4 | C R E W

Most notably this decade is the when Chip and Joanna named their son Crew. But the name was first used as a name in 1995 when 5 babies were named crew. It is of Latin origin and means ‘chariot'.

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5 | T H I E R R Y

The name Thierry is a strange one, as it is a French name derived from a German name “Theodoric”. It is also the form of German ‘Dietrich' and ‘Dieter'. The name means ‘mighty or ruler of the people'.

6 | S T R Y K E R

Stryker is a German-surname and it means “tester”. It comes from the German word Stricher.

7 | S L A T E

The word slate means grayish-green rock and is mostly used by American parents to name their sons. Obviously one of the extremely uncommon baby boy names we had to list.

8 | A M O S

The name Amos is a Hebrew name which means “carried by God”. Most famously used by a prophet in the Bible.

9 | B A E R

The name Baer is a German name and means “bearlike, dweller at the sign of the bear”.

10 | B A S T I A N

A greek, Latin name meaning “man of Sebastia”.

11 | C A L E

A Hebrew boy name means “dog, brave”. Kind of a strange meaning for a name but for sure a remarkably uncommon baby boy name!

12 | D I M I T R I

Dimitri is a Greek name meaning “earth-lover'.

13 | D I R K

A dutch baby name meaning people ruler. A famous man named Dirk is the British actor Dirk Bogarde.

14 | K E E G A N

Keegan is of the Irish clan name Mac Aodhagáin. (Don't ask me how) The name means “son (or descendant) of Aodhagán”. I am currently on a train in Ireland. So this is pretty cool to me and of course one I gladly added to my list of extremely uncommon baby boy names.

15 | O T T O

Otto comes from an Old High German short form of Germanic names beginning in aud-, meaning “wealth, prosperity”

16 | L A C H L A N

The name Lachlan is a Scottish boy name which means ‘warlike'. As I am currently traveling through Ireland and the UK. This is probably one of my favorites. I mean who doesn't love a Scottish accent?

17 | L A N C E

Lance comes from the German name Lanzo, originally a short form that began with the element ‘landa' which means “land”. During the Middle Ages, it was linked with an old French “spear, lance”.

18 | L E N N O X

Lennox is of Scottish and Gaelic origin, and it means “with many elm trees”.

19 | N I G E L

So where did the baby boy name Nigel come from? It originated from the Irish Niall, a name coming from the Gaelic word Neall (cloud) or the word Niadh (champion). The Normans brought the name to England who changed it to Nigel. Pretty cool, right?

20 | A R C H I E

The name Archie means bravery and strength”.

Thus concludes my list of extremely uncommon baby boy names for you to add to your growing list of choices for your little guy.

Let us know which one you choose as your favorite name.

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