20 + Uncommon Vintage Baby Girl Names that Aren’t Just For Grandma

October 20, 2018

Old fashioned baby girl names that sound as if they are from a different decade are so precious. I love hearing all the vintage names that my patients choose. Some better than others, but all are so endearing in their own way. Choosing a name for our child is an honor, and we shouldn't take it lightly. I've always loved old names, especially for girls. Do you have an endeared family member that you would like to carry on their legacy by naming your baby an heirloom name?

I, for one, battled with my husband to name my daughter after my grandmother, Dixie Veda. I know it's a bit unique, but I loved it all the same. It sounded like a Movie Star from the roaring twenties. Would you believe my grandfather's name was Dorsey Dixon? Not as charming as Dixie but try out Dorsey and Dixie. Haha, Not the best but it's true.

I digress, You are here for the names cause you need a name before you go into labor. By the way, if you are not sure how to distinguish real labor read this post right here!

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…Let's begin ticking off those old fashioned baby girl names!


~This baby girl name is probably the favorite of the Old fashioned baby girl names. It means hazelnut tree, but that's ok because I still adore it.


~ Beautiful


~ Noble


~ The goddess Juno


~ Tribe women


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~ Flourishing or Prosperous


~ Another Hazelnut tree


~ Rainbow, This is the perfect choice from our Old fashioned baby girl names list if you have had a previous loss.


~ Lovable


~ Work


~ Also Work

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~ “Light”  I love the nickname “Lucy.” I call my daughter Lani this for some odd reason.


~ “famous warrior” This is one of my other favorites of our Old fashioned baby girl names, as this is my other grandmother's name!


~ “understanding” I already shared this was my grandma's name. Dixie Veda.


~ Little Bird


~ Blind! I also love this one. It's another favorite of our baby girl names.


~ Nobel and strength


~ Jehovah has been gracious. This was my dear Mother-in-laws name and now my sweet baby nieces name. So, of course, it made the list of Old fashioned baby girl names.


~ Wondrous


~ She who makes Happy


~ Bright or Clear (love, love, love) This was one I had picked for Greyson, but he was a boy, and all my baby girl names went out the window!)

This concludes your list of Old fashioned baby girl names. I hope you loved them all as much as we do. Let us know which name you end up choosing, and maybe we can add it to a future list.

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