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“The difference between a birth story you write and one that's written for you is - education.”
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Let's get you ready to have this baby. Like really ready. We're replacing your fear and anxiety with knowledge. Which means you'll feel confident and prepared for your childbirth journey. I'm going to help you understand your rights, how to advocate for yourself, and how to think like a labor nurse so you know what to agree to (or refuse) when you get to the labor and delivery room.

Signature Birth Courses

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Calm Labor Confident Birth

With this course, you’ll go into labor feeling cool, calm, and totally in control. I’ve put every drop of my 15+ years of experience as a high-risk labor and delivery nurse into this curriculum — so you can be completely compared for the most important day of your life...whether you’re looking for an unmedicated experience or not.

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the vbac lab
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"Thank you for preparing me for everything from the first contractions to asking for delayed cord clamping. You seriously helped me more than you know! "

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Grab our Comprehensive Cesarean Course

Prepare for your C-section the Right Way

Sure, your doctor may not feel the need to give you the specific details about c-section...after all, he’s done them thousands of times. But this is still your baby’s birth, and it’s still a major medical procedure that you need to be totally ready for. Let me help you get rid of any anxiety and teach you *exactly* how this is going to go.

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