On today's episode, I'm talking to one of my VBAC Lab students, Gina.

She is a mom of 2, whose first birth was a cesarean due to a string of events that lead to complications.

So when she got pregnant with her second baby, Gina wanted the birth that she didn't get originally and set out to learn everything she could about having a VBAC.

Prepped with what she learned throughout our birth course, The VBAC Lab, her second birth experience was completely different than the previous one, and even though it did end up as a cesarean as well, the experience was completely different because she was armed with all the knowledge she gained and she was the one calling the shots.

Gina's birth story speaks of resilience in healing–through the ups and downs before and after giving birth.

Tune in as we discuss:

– What Gina experienced with her first birth and how she gained the strength to keep going

-How Gina prepared for her VBAC

– What hindered her from having a successful VBAC

– How she handled her second cesarean birth

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