I am so excited about today's episode with our guest, Kayleigh Summers who is better known as The Birth Trauma Mama.

Trigger warning: this podcast episode talks about birth trauma and near-death experience.

Kayleigh is a licensed therapist, a mama, and a birth trauma survivor, and we're gonna talk all about birth trauma and why that became such a focus in Kayleigh's life. 

She shares her journey of suffering from an Amniotic Fluid Embolism during the birth of her son Callahan in 2019, which almost took her life—and how becoming a birth trauma survivor led her to create a supportive community for others who have experienced birth trauma themselves.

In this episode, we'll talk about:

-What birth trauma is 

-Most common causes of birth trauma

-Signs of birth trauma

-How birth trauma impacts you

-Is there a difference between birth trauma or birth PTSD from Postpartum Depression?

-Resources if you feel you have birth trauma


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Find Kayleigh here:

Instagram: @thebirthtrauma_mama

TikTok: @thebirthtrauma_mama

Website: thebirthtraumamama.com

Resources for Birth Trauma Support:

Postpartum Support International

Open Path Collective