Listen in on this recording from an IG Live where Trish breaks down the four stages of labor.

The four stages of labor are:

  1. Stage One: This stage is the longest and can last up to 20 hours or more for first-time mothers. During this stage, the cervix gradually opens (dilates) to allow the baby to pass through the birth canal. Stage one has three sub-stages: early labor, active labor, and transition.
  2. Stage Two is the pushing stage when the baby is born. During this stage, mama pushes to help the baby move through the birth canal and out of the body.
  3. Stage Three: This stage begins after the baby is born and ends with the delivery of the placenta (also known as the afterbirth).
  4. Stage Four is the period immediately after the delivery of the placenta, where the mother's body changes to return to its pre-pregnancy state and the mother and baby bond. This stage typically lasts about one to two hours.


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