Today’s episode is a weighty topic. Emily Pardy of ready Nest Counseling, here in Nashville, joined me to discuss perinatal mental health.

We focused on peri-natal considerations for women who have experienced sexual trauma. This is a topic that I am passionate about, but it also hits home hard. Many of my students and members know that I have dealt personally with sexual trauma, and it has affected my work as a labor nurse.

For many women, preparing for pregnancy is a mental, emotional, and physical journey that is traveled alone. 

We see you. This chat between Emily and I, is packed with information that will help guide survivors of trauma through their pregnancy and postpartum period with an eye toward caring for their emotional well-being.

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Emily Pardy is the Founder of Ready Nest Counseling in Nashville, TN. She is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and one of the first in the country to be Certified in Perinatal Mental Health. Her journey into motherhood led her to help couples and individuals transition successfully through the life stages of conception, pregnancy, postpartum, infertility, or loss. 

A published author, Emily is also a member of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, Postpartum Support International, and the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. She is a speaker and educator dedicated to bridging the prenatal and mental healthcare gap. You can find Emily on Instagram!!

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