Join me today as I chat with one of my beloved mamas, Quincy, from our birth class, The VBAC Lab.

I'll never forget when Quincy opened up during one of our weekly hangouts without students and mama members in the membership. She was transparent and shared her struggle to bond with her first baby. It was such a vulnerable and beautiful conversation, and I am so grateful that Quincy opted to come onto The Birth Experience and share her story.

We recently talked to another mama, Ronnie, about her experience bonding and realized that so many mamas struggle with guilt when the bond isn't magical.

This is why I am adding some of the tips I have gathered throughout my career and from the mamas I hang with every week inside our private membership.

Tips for Bonding Foundation Before Baby is Born:

  • Talk to Baby
  • Call The Baby By Name
  • Keep a Pregnancy Journal

Here are some tips for bonding with a baby:

  1. Physical touch: Holding, hugging, cuddling, and kissing the baby helps to create a strong bond. Skin-to-skin contact is crucial for newborns, as it can help regulate their body temperature, breathing, and heart rate.
  2. Eye contact: Eye contact with the baby during feedings, diaper changes, and playtime help build a connection and allows the baby to feel seen and heard.
  3. Talking and singing: Talking and singing to the baby helps to establish a connection and encourages language development.
  4. Responding to needs: Being responsive to the baby's needs, such as feeding, changing, and soothing, helps the baby to feel secure and loved.
  5. Spending time together: Spending time with the baby, such as going for walks, playing games, and reading books, helps to build a bond and create positive experiences.
  6. Schedule Self-care for YOU!!!

Remember, bonding takes time and may not happen immediately. It is important to be patient and consistent in your efforts to bond with the baby.


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