Today's guest, Charity Spears, is a mom and a massage therapist specializing in cranial facial therapy, CFT. She helps babies and toddlers by “unwinding” the fascia and optimizing their sweet body functions.

Cranial Facial Therapy is a specific type of craniosacral therapy focusing on the cranial bones and the jaw joint. Cranial Facial Therapy is an extremely gentle yet effective way to help bring balance to the nervous system.

It is a powerful way to relieve tension, gastrointestinal issues, breastfeeding struggles, and many other body functions.

This episode was so enlightening. I wish I had known this with my two kids, that had digestive issues. Be sure to save this episode for the future.

More From Charity Spears

You can find Charity teaching all the things and sharing incredible CFT videos over on Instagram as  @Cocoon_to_Bloom


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