“I was a yes girl and part of me, and have to fight against that side of you. There's going to be the yes girl, I got to do this for other people!

When you're pregnant, you'll start Noticing, how you feel.

And things like:

I don't like when they make that comment, I don't like when they invite themselves over or you're going to start noticing ways people push past your boundaries.

And I think now is the time, to communicate how you feel about what's going on. We get a lot of questions about in-laws or just showing up at the house and I don't really feel comfortable about that. So how do I handle that? So, the main thing I always say.

Try communication first, be upfront with them about what is going to work for you.

Because I think when we don't communicate and we just assume they know that's when problems start to happen, or we start to fester and we start to hold on to anger, like, oh, are they still doing it? But if we never told them, They might not know. If boundaries are not respected, once you set that line, you need to limit your time with certain people.” Christa

Oh man, Today's guest was exactly what I needed. I hope it is what you need to hear as well. Listen in as we talk about all things pregnancy and boundaries.


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