Today's guest is Bailey Knight. Bailey is one of my students inside Calm Labor Confident Birth Class who joined our class in hope of having a more knowledgeable & empowered second birth.

Baliey's labor begins in the midst of a string of tornadoes that wreak havoc on the east coast.

Here's a tidbit of our conversation:

“My husband goes to take a shower and I'm doing bedtime with my toddler. I'm sitting on his bed and singing a song. We're doing the whole bedtime thing.

Then I just have a moment of going, oh no, and quickly stand up so that my water doesn't break on his bed.

However, I stood up and my water broke all over my toddler's bedroom floor, my mom's brain was like, don't let your water break on your toddler.

Then he was very nice and asked if I peed myself. I said, Yes! And he said, mommy, we're not supposed to do that in the middle of the floor.”


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