An intervention involves medical interruption or action taken by your medical team that intervenes with your birth process.

In today's episode, we chat about the types of medical interventions used during your labor.

I will cover quite a few, but I want to point out the top 5 that many mamas have no idea are interventions and are causing many women to end up with what we refer to as the “cascade of interventions”.

Side note: This recording is from a teaching topic that I did on Instagram, so it's a little bit different than previous episodes.

In this episode, we'll talk about:

What is a birth intervention?

Intervention #1: Restricting your movement

Intervention #2: Not being allowed to eat during labor

Intervention #3: Pitocin induction vs augmentation

Intervention #4: Breaking your water

Intervention #5 Fetal Monitoring

Cervical Exam

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