25 Extremely Beautiful Baby Girl Names (with meanings) for Millennial Parents

Trish ~ Labor Nurse Mama
May 3, 2019

Wouldn't you agree that beautiful baby girl names roll off your tongue? And when you hear one, your heart skips a beat. We composed a list of 25 beautiful baby girl names with their meanings for you to add to your growing list of choices for your daughter,

Harper – A musician

Avery – a last name

Grace – simple elegance

Chloe – Blooming

Camila – derived from a name

Sofia – wisdom, skill

Layla – night ( one of my top choices for beautiful baby girl names)

Ella – light

Madison – a gift from God

Scarlett – a person who sold cloth of scarlet

Victoria – conqueror

Aria – a solo in an opera

Penelope – wife of Odysseus

Riley – a carefree existence

Lillian – lily, a symbol of innocence

Hadley – heather field

Paisley – a distinctive intricate pattern of curved, feather-shaped figures

Natalie – Christmas Day

Luna – The moon

Savannah – a grassy plain

Brooklyn – Water, stream

Leah – weary

Stella – star

Hazel – small tree

Ellie – God is my light

Choosing a baby girl name is a privilege.

I know you are probably overwhelmed by picking the perfect name and we want to help. So, we have several lists for you to check out.

Whether you want an old fashioned or a totally unique rare baby girl name, we have the lists for you. We even have lists separated by the beginning letters. 

As always, even though we enjoyed putting together this list for you, we want to teach you about birth and how to make wise decisions in the labor room. Check out our latest series of posts about your rights during birth. 

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Just a little Disclaimer: As always, I am just writing my thoughts and what I’ve learned along the way. Although I am in fact a labor and delivery RN, This is not medical advice. You should always seek and follow the advice of your care provider.

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