Vintage Baby Girl Names with the Most Adorable Vintage Nicknames

September 05, 2019

Check out this list of Unusual Baby Girl Names

1 | Charlotte

Charlie is the sweetest vintage nickname for your lovely daughter.

2 | Wilhelmina

Minnie is a popular nickname back in the day making this a surefire win on our vintage nicknames list.

3 | Isabella

Bella or Izzy are sweet short versions of this very popular baby girl name.

4 | Rebecca

Beck or Becks has become quite popular but yet rare baby girl vintage nicknames.

girl-smelling flower-vintage-nicknames

5 | Evelyn

Evie is the adorable nickname of my wonderful neighbor's daughter. We love her!

6 | Millicent

Milly an adorable vintage nickname that everyone will enjoy calling your baby girl. A very popular nickname in the UK!

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7 | Magnolia

Nola or Mags I love this nickname so much. Mags is just so 50's!

8 | Adelia

Ady is the sweet shortened form of this very old name.


9 | Alberta

Bertie may not be my favorite on this list but to each his own.

10 | Eleanor

Ellie was very popular back in the day and made a comeback in the early 2000s.

11 | Louise

Lou is my mom's neighbors nickname and it is so cute to see her with her cutting edge vintage nickname.

12 | Beatrice

Bea was a very popular baby girl vintage nickname in the 40's-50's.


13 | Matilda

Tillie or Tilda is a shortened version of this classic English baby girl name.

14 | Teresa

Tess or Tessa can do as a precious version for your soon to come baby girl.

15 | Dorothy

Dottie or Dot is a cute nickname from another era.

16 | Josephine

Josie is one of my favorite shortened girl names on the vintage nicknames list.


17 | Margaret or Marjorie

Maisie (Scottish vintage nickname for baby girl name Margaret).

18 | Winifred

Winnie or wyn is an adorable nickname to use for the longer name Wynifred or Winifred.

19 | Delilah

Dillie can be used for the longer name Delilah.

20 | Harriet or Henrietta

Hattie is a special nickname you could use for your precious baby girl.

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