About Trish

I've been a labor nurse for over 15 years.

Which means I've seen it all, mama. Over the years I've traveled to the most prestigious facilities in the country. I've worked with top physicians and delivered countless babies. But my true passion is teaching you how to make informed choices on your own so you can write the birth story of your dreams. I believe every mama should understand exactly how birth works, what decisions you'll be faced with in the labor room, and how to make things safer and smoother for you and your baby.

Empowering your birth story.

You are the only one who can make the right call when it comes to your birth story. Which is why my job is to teach you how to assess the situation and decide for yourself.

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Education conquers fear

You don't get a second change to prepare for baby.

Which is why I take my job of educating you about the childbirth process very seriously. My courses are the most comprehensive, field tested, online birth classes on the planet. My goal is to teach you how to *think* like a labor and delivery nurse, so you can feel totally confident when it's time to deliver.

I'm your virtual doula and birth coach.

I wish I could be there to cheer you on and help you through the process in person…but I can teach you everything I know! I've given birth 6 times myself, and have worked with thousands of mamas to help them navigate the labor + delivery process like a boss. When you prepare for childbirth with me, you'll get an honest, down-to-earth approach that's supportive – no matter what choices you make for your birth story.

I believe…

Every Birth is Magic
Education is Power
You deserve to know your rights
Mindset is everything
Teaching you to make informed choices

You deserve confidence

Every mama should understand how birth works. And every mama should have the confidence to stand up for what she wants in the labor room. My online birth classes are designed to teach you how to do just that.

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