My name is Trish and I'm an expert at delivering babies, a lover of all things guava and obsessed with coffee creamer with a hint of coffee.

I am a mother of a many, seven in fact! I'm a Labor & Delivery RN who goes against the norm and walks to a more natural birthing beat. (read this post for a glimpse into my work day) I am obessed with empowering women through knowledge. My mantra all over the blog is that knowledge empowers you.

Habibi House has given me a platform in which I can educate women before they are in the hospital and faced with choices they are not prepared to make.

I treasure the opportunity to share my education as a nurse and my experience as a mother in a place such as this. Join me as we walk through every aspect of motherhood. From Pregnancy to birth, to breastfeeding and all the way to parenting tips and family travel hacks.

habibi house