50 Trendy and Highly Desired Baby Girl Names

April 15, 2022

Picking out a baby girl name is not an easy task, mama! We know! An adorable and meaningful baby girl name is something we want you to be proud of. We found some pretty trendy and highly sought after baby girl names to add to this must see list and we know you will love it.

1. Quinn


2. Ivy


3. Isabella

God is my oath or beautiful

4. Hayden

valley or hedged valley

5. Remi

the Lord consoles me

6. Ophelia


7. Cecilia


8. Atlas


9. Millie


10. Alaina


11. Rayne

counsel or song

12. Amora


13. Giselle


14. Raina

queen; rain

15. Ari

lion of God

16. Stella


17. Sutton

from the southern homestead

18. Evie

life or breathe

19. Estella


20. Everly

wild boar in woodland clearing

21. Ariella

lion of God

22. Rey

king (yes, it's a girl name!)

23. Raya

friend (wouldn't this be cute since she will be your little bestie!)

24. Parker

park keeper

25. Shiloh

His gift

26. Yara

small butterfly or water lady

27. Cora

maiden or daughter

28. Oakley

oak clearing

29. Saira


30. Amaya

heavenly valley, the end or mother city

31. Genevieve

woman of the race

32. Mikaela

who resembles God

33. Adria

dark or from the Adriatic sea

34. Dahila


35. Sage


36. Kyra

Lord; like Ra, the sun

37. Talia

dew of God, girlhood

38. Madeline

woman of magdala

39. Teagan

attractive and worldly or wise poet

40. Finley

fair warrior or hero

41. Josie

God increases

42. Lainey

bright; shining light

43. Avianna


44. Rae

ewe or female sheep

45. Zaria

princess or flower

46. Bria

noble; hill or high and noble

47. Piper

someone who plays musical pipe, flute or bagpipes

48. Raine

she is singing; queen

49. Phoenix

dark red

50. Leland

meadow land

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