3 Days to A Fearless Birth Experience

In just 3 days, you'll gain the confidence, knowledge, and support you need to approach birth with strength and resilience. Say goodbye to fear, embrace your voice, and pave the way for a beautiful and empowered birth story.

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Is this you?

I thought I was ready for my birth but then I started feeling nervous & frightened, instead of excited…

Are you ready to:


Empower Yourself through Knowledge

You'll gain a wealth of knowledge about childbirth, empowering yourself to make informed decisions that align with your preferences and values. Without this knowledge, you might feel uncertain and less in control during labor


Learn Fear-Busting Techniques

You'll discover proven techniques to manage fear and anxiety during labor, ensuring a calmer and more relaxed birthing environment. Without these techniques, fear may take center stage, impacting your comfort and overall experience.


Experience a Positive Mindset Shift

This experience will foster a positive mindset shift, helping you view childbirth as a beautiful journey rather than a daunting task. Without this shift, you may carry unnecessary fear and apprehension, negatively impacting your birthing experience


Be Confident in Speaking Up

You'll understand your rights and be empowered to advocate for your preferences, ensuring your voice is heard during labor. Without this knowledge, you might feel vulnerable to unwanted interventions


Become an Empowered Advocate

You'll become an advocate for your own birthing journey, armed with the knowledge of your rights, options, and the confidence to communicate your preferences with healthcare providers. Without this empowerment, you may feel passive, leading to potential misunderstandings or decisions that don't align with your desires.


Be Confident in Decisions

Through the experience, you'll beging to gain insight into the various stages of labor, medical procedures, and possible interventions. This knowledge will allow you to actively engage in the decision-making process alongside your healthcare team, fostering a collaborative and respectful birthing environment. 

Are You Ready to Sashay into the miracle of your birth with calm confidence!

Labor Nurse Mama's

3 Birth-Changing Mini Classes

Immerse yourself in the Fearless Birth Experience: 3 incredible days of on-demand mini-birth classes. Get ready to be captivated as your birth perspective transforms before your very eyes. You won't believe the empowering impact it will have on your journey!

Day 1

How to Beat Fear and Enter Your Birth With Confidence

Get ready to dive into the top birth fears shared by our students and 500k social followers. But don't worry, we won't leave you hanging! We'll show you how to replace those fears with empowering truths. By the end of this workshop, you'll walk away with a fresh perspective on birth, free from all the unnecessary anxiety.

Day 2

Conquering your Fear of The Pain of Labor: How bad is it? …and How can I Embrace Contractions?

Get ready for a game-changing revelation! Today, we're going to dissect the pain of labor and revolutionize your perspective on it. Brace yourself for a mind-blowing experience that may even inspire you to reconsider your pain management strategy. You won't want to miss this class!

Day 3

Three Labor Pain Coping Tools You Need to Know Plus A Bonus Tip for Your Labor Coach

Come and join me on an incredible journey as I unveil the remarkable stages of labor! I'll share practical pain-coping techniques for each stage, guiding you from the first contractions all the way to the exhilarating push. But that's not all! For an extra touch of magic, I'll also enlighten your birth coach with my favorite tool, ensuring utmost comfort during your birthing process.


Are you afraid of all the unknowns?


 – You might find the fear of the unknown intensifying as your birth approaches. You may feel anxious about the entire process, the potential pain, and the uncertainty about how events will unfold.

   – FBE will transform this fear into a sense of preparedness. The fear of the unknown will give way to a feeling of confidence, knowing that you have the starting tools to navigate your birthing journey.


 – You may fear making uninformed decisions during labor. The fear of making the wrong choices for yourself and your baby can be overwhelming.

   – FBE will equip you with essential information and decision-making skills. You'll transition from fear to empowerment, confident in your ability to make informed choices that align with your birth preferences.

labor nurse mama 3 day fearless birth experience

Are you ready to take charge?

Get ready to dive in and give it your all! Join us for 3 mini birth classes, where you'll commit just 45 minutes for 3 days. I promise, by the end, you'll be excited about your labor and birth journey. Don't miss out! Let's make this experience one to remember! 

labor nurse mama fearless birth experience

I loved every minute of Fearless Birth Experience.. I also liked that each session was something my husband and I could watch together and understand. I feel like not only did I gain knowledge, but he did too, and it reminded me of things I wanted to talk to him about before our birth.  


labor nurse mama fearless birth experience

As we were doing the ice exercise my husband screamed from the other room, “If you don't know your options, you don't have any” I couldn't be more proud. 


labor nurse mama fearless birth experience

I just had the most amazing experience with Fearless Birth Experience! Trish has seriously the BEST personality ever, and I love how responsive she is. I'm feeling so pumped and way more confident, ready to dive into learning more about my upcoming birth!


Hi, I'm Trish!

I'm also a specialized, high-risk labor and delivery nurse who's a mom of 7. Nope, that's not a typo. 

I know what it's like to be pregnant and anxious about the unknown…. and then to bring a baby home, feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, frustrated, and at your wit's end. And trust me, having a proper plan in place way before birth makes everything so much more joyful for everyone!

This is why I created my 3 Days to a Fearless Birth Experience, filled with 3 live pieces of training ( you can grab the recordings if you miss it live 😘).

I can’t wait to share my secrets and cheer you on to a fearless birth experience!

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