Three Labor Pain Coping Tools You Need to Know + A Bonus Tip for Your Labor Coach

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Main Takeaway Workshop Three

Here's What Other Mama's Say

I loved the hip-shaking and counter-pressure demos! My husband watched along side of me and by day 2 we knew we had to join Trish's classes and invest all the way into our birth. We knew so little.


It has been incredibly reassuring to learn that our body has an impeccable ability to communicate with us. I love how she reminds us that our body constantly provides valuable information. Embracing this knowledge and working with my body is what I needed to hear. I have always felt like my body would fail me in some way. 

The different breathing techniques! I've been practicing the deeper breathe for a few weeks now to help expand my lung capacity. This was so helpful and got me excited. 


The positions! The one you shared as one of the best positions I showed my mom and she goes “I did that in 1988 and no epidural! Glad I did it right even back then!” She was a birth queen I told her 😂


The video was great to watch! Definitely showing those to my husband. Also, I liked the advice about finding a ritual that works for you, this makes so much sense and gives me peace. I'm ready to join the full classes. I can't wait to hang out at the weekly hangouts with you and your doula. 


Using my voice and knowing my
Options. That helped me today put doctors in their places when they tried to scare me into an Induction. I’m now finally home and resting. Most traumatic experience my husband and I had to deal with so far and I truly hope it doesn’t happen again. Some people really need to rethink their professions. Thanks Trish!