Conquering your Fear of The Pain of Labor: How Bad is it? …and How can I Survive it…or Embrace it?

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Main Takeaway Workshop Two

Here's What Other Mama's Say

I came in only knowing about epidurals and having everyone saying, “You are gonna want one!” Now, I feel educated on my options and want to make a plan that is right for me. Definitely leaning towards more unmedicated practices, but very interested to find out if nitrous oxide is an option at my hospital. Thank you for the thorough lessons last night — it was so informative!


I really want to try for an unmedicated 2nd birth, but listening to last night's class also made me feel better about the possibility of an epidural still. My first birth I had an epidural that only sort of worked but what was so frustrating was that they didn't try to move me around in the bed.  I literally felt trapped in my own body and was so extremely uncomfortable and hated not being able to leave the bed. Last night gave me confidence in advocating for myself and to keep MOVING!!!

The ice strategy and not fight the pain but to master it actually helped me today with a small anxiety attack, so yesterday’s class has been helpful in many ways. I am thankful.



That my labor pain has a purpose and it is bringing me to my baby. I came to the experience fearful and not wanting to feel anything; just give me the epidural. But now, I feel excited to continue learning with Labor Nurse Mama and maybe go unmedicated. WHAT?!!


My main takeaway was that mindset can change everything!! I was super scared but now I'm feeling more confident that I can manage my pain with my brain power. I'm so excited about learning more with Trish.


Using my voice and knowing my
Options. That helped me today put doctors in their places when they tried to scare me into an Induction. I’m now finally home and resting. Most traumatic experience my husband and I had to deal with so far and I truly hope it doesn’t happen again. Some people really need to rethink their professions. Thanks Trish!