How to Beat Fear and Enter Your Birth With Confidence

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Main Takeaway Workshop One

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My biggest take away was the amount of information I simply did not know. Every night, tuning in and starting to really think and cultivate my birth map. By learning what to anticipate is not only comforting yet the education gives more confidence for D-Day/delivery day!


I think what was most powerful for me was the whole thing about my thoughts and what I am telling myself matters. Mindset is everything! Know your options and be confident to say what you want! 💯

Hybrid pain options, just thought it was an epidural or nothing! Plus having expectations but being flexible really hit home for me during FBE!


I love how Trish kept repeating If you don’t know your options….you don’t have any!!!!! It was where I am and I do not want to wing my birth. Excited to learn more about my options through the course now


Last night was the first “birthing/prenatel” class I have been apart of and it helped me tremendously! However I think it helped me in a way that may be surprising- it helped me formulate a variety of direct questions for myself and care providers.


I'm praying to go unmedicated! I learned so much from last night, all the pain management options and what they do! I feel like it was so much info so fast, I definitely need to take the full class! But it was very helpful to inform me!