20 Reasons Why Pinterest Is Influencer Ready & Why you should be too! (Part 1)

Trish ~ Labor Nurse Mama
June 12, 2019
Photo by Andrew Neel

Pinterest influencers are on the rise.

We all know that Instagram Influencers have their stuff together, but does the Pinterest Influencer?

If you market your brand (or other's brands) on Pinterest, then listen up. Pinterest is the place to be. Not only are women spending a significant amount of time scrolling through Pinterest, but so are men (see Fact 6 and 9!!)

Bloggers, content creators, business owners, Etsy shop creators, and plain anyone who markets anything, need to sit up and pay attention. Girl (Guy) you need to get it together and perfect that productivity

Pinterest is the place to be. It's for the cool kids. Everyone is coming to Pinterest, and I have 20 pretty darn interesting facts (10 today and 10 in part 2) to support the notion that Pinterest will be the next HUGE influencer market.

If you don't believe me, just READ! (to the tune of Uptown Funk)

Pinterest Influencers Fact 1

291 million people Use Pinterest.

Let that one site for a minute. 291 million people are using Pinterest. Chances are one of them is looking for what you are teaching, selling, promoting, or advocating!

Pinterest Influencers Fact 2

Pinterest Users come to Pinterest with a completely different mindset than any other social platform. They are not coming with a social mindset.

Which is why they are open to Pinterest influencers marketing to them.

Unlike other social media platforms where they head to “stalk” friends ( or their ex's new girlfriend), to speak their mind, and to share their lives!

Which leads to the next point!

Pinterest Influencers Fact 3



It is proven that people searching for products to buy. Do not be timid is sharing your products (or affiliate products). Whether they are hand sewn (like our Labor gowns, nursing covers, and baby products), a direct selling company product, an online course (like our new Pinterest Project Course), or an ebook.

It doesn't matter what you are selling or promoting, Pinterest is the place to be.

62% of moms and dads purchased something…from seeing it on Pinterest!

Um, Hello! That is HUGE! You do not have to be wary about promoting yourself and or your products. You can become a Pinterest influencer and influence your audience to purchase what you use, make or love!

Are you ready to become a Pinterest influencer? Let me teach you my exact method, which has led to our incredible success in such a short time. I will teach you step by step, exactly what I do! (check out the coupon offer below)

Pinterest Influencers Fact 4

No one takes a break from Pinterest.

It's not a platform known for scandal (aka Facebook). People don't detox from Pinterest.

We all know that friend who has said, “Oh, I didn't know it was your birthday, I'm taking a break from Facebook”. WHo in the world could break from Pinterest. Um…how would you figure anything out.

What's for dinner? Let me get the handy cookbook out, I'm on break from Pinterest.

Girl, no one breaks from Pinterest.

Who stops searching for clean living ideas, birthday party ideas, tips for traveling with toddlers, weekend getaway destinations, essential oils for health, and non-toxic makeup! NO ONE THAT'S WHO!

Pinterest Influencers Fact  5

Pinterest Users are “Planning” for the future. Like I already mentioned. Pinterest users are planning something.

Whether it's a new car, building a dream house, re-doing their pantry, hiring a virtual assistant, someone to build their dream website, font for their Pinterest pin graphics, or someone to outsource their business tasks.

Pinterest is the place you and I both turn to for help with various dilemmas and porjects.

You know it!

Pinterest Influencers Fact  6

Pinterest is significantly more popular with women than with men. How many women do you know that uses Pinterest? My mom even has an account. Women are all about Pinterest!


Roughly 80% of US moms are active on Pinterest. Pinterest is where they search for and save things they want to buy, do, see, and explore. Mom’s top categories are food, drink, DIY, craft, women’s fashion, home decor, hair, beauty, and kids.

Photo by Austin Distel 

Pinterest Influencers Fact  7

50% of the new sign-ups in 2018 WERE MEN!!

MEN NEED TO GET IN ON THE GROUND FLOOR SO TO SAY!!! If you are a guy with a business of any kind or you market to men. Get your business account going.

You can not afford to waste any more time not utilizing this visual search engine. (Let me teach you how we have on average over 5-8k blog views per day using Pinterest) The time is now! Men are jumping onto the bandwagon at an astonishing rate.

They may be hiding the fact that they love Pinterest but love it they do. Too many have heard their wives talking about their boards or that pin they found, and their interest was piqued!


Pinterest Influencers Fact  8

Non-Pinterest users are still exposed to your content through Google Images. Pinterest Pin images are making a bang on google. If you search for The golden hour after Birth, not only does my post show up on the first page of Google (as of this writing) but the image also shows up high in their ranking). So, someone not using Pinterest is directed to the platform via my image! (Check out the video for example)


Pinterest Influencers Fact  9

Now Pinterest reports that 38 percent of American dads are Pinterest users! (Think DIY backyard projects, how to's, and more!

Dads are also coming to Pinterest for ideas for themselves and their families, with 38% of US dads on the platform. Dad’s favorite categories include DIY projects, home decor, style, food, drink and the outdoors.


If you haven't gotten the message, get it now! Market to men. Men are looking for things to do, places to go, and gifts to buy for their families and themselves.

Pinterest Influencers Fact  10

Landing pages should match the pin. If they do, the chance of action by the user is higher!

What does this mean? Here let me show you in a video.

Are you excited about what Pinterest can do for your business? YES, YOU ARE!!! If you want ten more pretty incredible Pinterest Influencer facts to mull over, than Click right here and learn more! 

Pinterest is an incredible tool that has allowed this mom blogger to experience a taste of her dreams. We earned well over 5k last month between our blog and our Etsy shop! Pinterest is hugely responsible for that feat.

We want to teach you how to become an effective Pinterest influencer through our strategies.

If you are interested in learning how we have almost replaced my income as a nurse and have had over 1.2 million views in less than a year, then join our ever-growing student list for The Pinterest Project, a multi-sensory course, teaching our exact strategy we've used to grow both our blog and our Etsy shop. (If you sign up during our launch week, you can use the above coupon for 40% off)

labor nurse mama trish ware

This is how we earn affiliate money!

Just a little Disclaimer: As always, I am just writing my thoughts and what I’ve learned along the way. Although I am in fact a labor and delivery RN, This is not medical advice. You should always seek and follow the advice of your care provider.

This post may contain some affiliate links (which means if you make a purchase after clicking a link I will earn a small commission, but it won’t cost you a penny more)! Thank you! For our full disclosure read here)


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